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11 Signs You Are a Lightworker in Training

Do you sometimes feel like you function differently compared to your peers? Like sometimes your mind and body are completely at odds with what other people think and act?

Are you extremely intense, have larger than life mood swings, think a lot more than others, and can just see far into the future? Well, you could be a “lightworker in training”.

Here is a list of signs that prove you are one!



1. You have an innate curiosity to learn more, to know more, and to be more understanding.


2. You believe in the depth of life. You know it’s much deeper than just merely breathing.


3. You have drastic energy shifts and the levels of happiness and sadness change rapidly and at extreme levels.

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4. Deep questions about life and living matter for you. You often find yourself wondering about death, life, happiness, and the impermanence of it all.


5. You have a strong belief system that is based on righteousness and justice.


6. Dilemmas are an integral part of your life, and you usually end up assessing the situation too much or too little.


7. You can predict certain events before they happen.

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8. Sometimes you feel like nothing earthly can provide a sense of fulfillment in your life and that leads to a feeling of disillusionment with everything.


9. You’re extremely sensitive and your mind runs on those lines of overthinking, overvaluing, and you end up getting too emotional about the situations around you.


10. When you wake up in the middle of the night, or during the day, you always see the same numbers: 111, 333, 555, etc.


11. You aim to transform yourself into a better person all the time. You try to be compassionate and ready to help people out almost all the time. All of these signs, in turn, indicate that you are ready to meet the Creator.

So what kind of lightworker are you? Are you a newly awakened Lightworker who has answered the call to be of service and ready to step in? Or are you an old-school retro Lightworker in knowing that has more experience?

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