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5 Signs Your Mission on Earth Is to Help People

There are some of us who are in this world to help suffering souls. We have great examples of people around the world who dedicate their lives to helping others.

Find out if you are one of those people who came into the world to do good. Below are five signs that you are here to help people:



1. Helping others feels natural:

When you know that someone is in need, there is a feeling within you that seeks ways to help. This is one of the signs that show your mission in this world. When a friend is in pain, you can see from his face what he is feeling.

Your soul feels this energy of suffering and your mind will try to find a solution to it. Your natural reaction is to try to understand what is causing this situation and to want to talk about what your friend is going through.




2. You want to be part of people’s lives:

If there you feel such need, this is another sign that your time in this life is one of dedication and love for others. There is a need to learn, teach and touch others. And it makes you happy.

This joy is a strong sign that you are predestined to help others in the world. There is this feeling of recognizing the value of life and the diversity of opinions. You are part of a group that loves to make meaningful connections.

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3. Every day you want to be a greater person:

This is one of the signs that indicate what your soul desires: to seek your destiny outside these everyday afflictions. There needs to be something bigger and somebody that is waiting for your help.




4. Your senses are quite keen:

There is a physical difference between you and other people. Your senses such as sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell are able to perceive the environment better. Your intuition is also stronger.

To confirm this signal, just notice simple situations like being the first to smell burning scents, or hear the cries of children and even understand more easily when your friend is not well, even when he says the opposite. These little details help souls who have come to do good in identifying problems or threats. This keen perception helps you to avoid further damage and act faster.

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5. You feel that the universe sends signals that you are destined to seek healing:

Even when you are not paying attention, the universe will often send signals that you must follow the path of seeking healing. It is an intimate feeling that is related to the need to develop your gift better.

A dream or a vision can help confirm your trajectory in this earthly world. Listen to what the signal the universe is sending you and understand your experience as a healer. The signal may be just some sound, or a vision, experience, memory, and even words that when reading them, bring positive feelings to you.

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