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14 Ways that Can Help You Attract Good Karma in Your Life

It can happen to everyone to have difficulty attracting good karma. But fortunately, we can promote its appearance through certain actions and good discipline.

These 14 ways can help you attract good karma:



1. Do not take part in arguments.

For an entire day or as often as you can, treat each potentially volatile situation with compassion and patience. And let your voice of reason guide you.



2. Get out of bed in a good mood.

Never wake up on the wrong foot again. And if it ever happens to you, look in the mirror, smile and remember that it’s a blessing to be alive.



3. Be a benefactor.

Give back to others, volunteer, be a good neighbor, love your children’s friends and make more room in your heart. There is room for everyone.



4. Do not close your eyes.

Offer a compassionate hand to those in distress or in need of help.



5. Do not avoid anyone.

Answer the phone. Go open your door. Make eye contact and keep your head up. Open to others.



6. For a full day, forget the expectations.

14 Ways that Can Help You Attract Good Karma in Your Life

Greet everyone with compassion. Do not have any attachment to their reaction.



7. Go around your closet.

Give everything you do not wear (and do not buy more). The rule is: if you have not worn a garment in the last year, you will not wear it this year. Do not keep the jeans of your twenties.



8. Collect the garbage you find in your neighborhood.

It’s good exercise, it’s good for everyone and it’s infectious! Pick up the trash every day! Pay homage to our dear Earth, which carries us every day of our existence.



9. Do something creative with a young person.

14 Ways that Can Help You Attract Good Karma in Your Life

Paint, draw, read aloud, knit socks or simply enjoy their company. Help them control their energy.



10. Memorize a deep quote, a mantra or a poem.

Share it with someone you love, this also includes pets. And do not forget the plants, give them sincere attention, talk to them when you water them.



11. Make an offer to someone that they can not refuse.

A hand massage, a shoulder massage or a big hug without any valid reason.



12. Do not lie.

For an entire day or as long as you can, do not say a single lie, be as honest as possible.



13. Enjoy nature.

Go for a walk in the park. Take your time. Sit on a bench. Enjoy the fluidity and movement of everything that coexists. It’s magic. There is more than we imagine.



14. Trust the process.

The process of yoga, life, your creative expression, your individual interpretation, your strength, your magic and all the peace that reigns there.


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