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8 Signs You Are a Chosen Spirit Warrior on Earth

The quest for spiritual awakening began long before anyone of us was born. There are a number of strong and courageous individuals who agree to play an important role in this quest, accepting the responsibility of being a Spirit Warrior throughout their walk on earth.

Their job is to help others in their search for spiritual clarity by challenging the mindsets that we, the human race, often settle for such as fear, judgments, false beliefs, and lies.

Accepting these negative and toxic influences in our lives will bring us nothing but unhappiness, pain, and suffering. Instead, the Spirit Warrior will bring clarity and awareness to the war that lies deep in our minds, hearts, and souls.

Life as a Spirit Warrior is a lifelong commitment and should not be taken lightly. These people must understand the discipline and study that will be required to fully understand and fulfill their role in the world.

As this journey was made before you were born, we come into our life here on Earth not knowing that we have accepted this responsibility. Are you one of life’s few chosen ones to be a Spirit Warrior? These 8 signs can help you find out:



1. You live for love:

The first step in helping someone on their own spiritual journey is to connect first, and a Spirit Warrior understands that the only real way to do this is through true love.

It can be something as simple as a smile at strangers or a random act of kindness, building trust, and mutual understanding.



2. You value the truth over everything:

Spirit Warriors understand that life is necessary for spiritual growth and will go to the extreme to discover it when necessary.



3. You continuously rise up after being knocked down:

Life is not always easy, and like the rest of us, a Spirit Warrior will be dragged down, walked over, and burned out over and over.

However, they will not allow it to destroy them, rising from the ashes again and again.



4. You know the difference between surrendering and giving up:

There are times when one must surrender to continue working towards a larger spiritual image.

A Spirit Warrior understands that this does not mean that he gives up, instead it means that he lets himself be guided by higher energy.

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5. You have control over your inner fears:

Everyone experiences fears while here on Earth, Spirit Warriors are no exception. The difference is that they don’t allow those inner demons to stop them from reaching their full potential.



6. You keep fighting even when things get tough:

There is no greater motivator than true passion, and there is no Spirit Warrior who lacks in this area.

When life challenges them, these individuals will not only stand up, but they will do so while setting an example of composure and willpower to the rest of the world.



7. You wisely choose your battles:

A Spirit Warrior understands that there are many things in this world that need their attention, however, in order to be successful in their endeavors they know that they must focus their energy on the battles that matter most.



8. You always follow your heart:

These individuals have a deep understanding of both their own heart and soul, but also the big picture and the energies of the Universe. This allows them to develop a strong intuition which will guide them in life.


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