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7 Quotes You Must Keep in Mind in The Hardest Moments

Here are seven wise picked quotes that will make every day of yours better…


1. Accept the challenges of life.

“The walls are there for a reason. The walls are not there to keep us away. The walls are there to give us a chance to show how deeply we care about something. Because the walls are there to stop people who do not have enough desire to overcome them. They are there to stop the others “. – Randy Pausch

In every life there are great challenges, and in every challenge lies the essence of life.

To judge a challenge as a problem or as an opportunity depends only on ourselves, it depends only on what perspective we decide to observe the world.

The way we choose to see the world is the way the world will be.

This is what gives life its magic, is a continuous, unstoppable dynamic phenomenon that makes our existence the miracle that we decided to achieve. It only depends on us.

Do something extraordinary. Accept the opportunities of life. Realize that if you never try to confront yourself with higher challenges than you, you’ll never know how high you really are able to fly.



2. Get busy.

“There are no shortcuts to places where it is worth going” Beverly Sills

When we are young we often think that successful adults – be they writers, musicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, and so on – have some kind of magic wand with which they are able to realize their masterpieces.

And let’s fantasize about being able to enter ourselves one day in possession of that wand.

But then we grow up and realize that successful people do not have any magic wands and that they work with the same imperfect, rusty, old tools that each of us can pull out of himself, if only he wants it: the desire, the commitment, honesty, goodness, love, perseverance.

And however defective and worn these tools may be, when we decide to give the best of ourselves they are able to work wonders.



3. Choose wisely.

“It is our choices that demonstrate what we really are, far more than our capabilities.”  JK Rowling

The world around us – I refer to people, books, life experiences, and so on – are certainly able to provide us with ideas, advice, and reasons for reflection on how to behave and on which paths to follow, but ultimately it is up to us to decide what to do with our existence.

Life slips inexorably one second after the other. The biggest mistake you can make is to spend a whole life without assuming full awareness that you can have full control of it if you only have the courage to take responsibility for it.

You are the only architect of your choices, your actions, your thoughts, your relationships. Being a victim or protagonist of your destiny depends only on you.



4. Learn to laugh about it.

“Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options available, and thinking about it, we should always laugh.” – Veronica Roth

If you want to try to measure your success in life, do not worry about counting how much money you have in the bank: to understand if your life is really a success you just count the moments you spend laughing with taste.

This is the success – live happily in your own way and face all the ups and downs of life with a laugh.

Do what you have to do, but do not take yourself too seriously. You laugh whenever you can because every lost laugh is a wasted opportunity.



5. Stay true to yourself.

“I think the reward for homologation and compliance lies in the fact that you end up pleasing everyone, except yourself.” – Rita Mae Brown

In order to find complete satisfaction in your life, sometimes you have to have the courage to make choices that are different from those that everyone else does. Sometimes you have to know how to take the less traveled roads if you really want to realize your full potential.

It takes courage to go against the tide especially when people around you are confused and irritated by your choices.

Only your courage and effort to stay true to yourself can help you to express your marvelous individuality to the fullest.

Where others see only shadows and uncertainty, you are looking for opportunities. If on your path you encounter arrogance and irritation, respond by offering generous doses of polite patience, sincerity, and humility.



6. Fight for your dreams.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

When things do not go well, it does not mean you have to drag yourself into the abyss and sink into despair.

Goals and dreams are a bit like breathing – once they fail, there is no more life.

It’s never too late to start dreaming again  Imagine, fly with imagination, do not consider anything as impossible.

Embrace the life and its challenges, its unforeseen and its obstacles, with the full awareness that you may lose, but if you do not fight at all, then you have already lost at the start.

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