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Take this Spiritual Test, to Discover the Great Blessing that is Headed Towards You

We all expect personal blessings or to share with the people we love.

Blessings give new meaning to our lives and allow us to follow a much more positive and enlightened path that will bring us the victories we long for.

However, they do not come to us at random, we have to show that we are doing our part and, in this sense, our attitudes are decisive because they reflect what is in our heart, they show if what we grow in ourselves is in phase with what we want to attract.

If you’re still not sure how far you are from your blessing, you’ll be able to see it more clearly by doing this test.

To do this, just look at the image we show below, it is a painting of Salvador Dalí, whose colors and elements attract attention and which will be essential for you to obtain the desired answer. Analyze the chart for a few moments and remember the items that caught your attention, then continue reading the text for your answer.

Take this Spiritual Test, to Discover the Great Blessing that is Headed Towards You

If the first element that caught your attention was:



The butterflies:

The butterflies

The greatest blessing that can be offered to you right now is hope. It will guide you in new directions and show you that your life can be a lot happier and more fruitful than it is today.

However, this blessing will be achieved only if you agree to give up beliefs that lead you nowhere and open you to a new reality. The arrival of this blessing depends only on you. Do your part and you will live the transformation you desire.




The boat:

The boat

The blessing you need now is professional. In your own business or job, you need renewal, new perspectives, and ideas that inspire you to work with more motivation and inspiration.

Your blessing is closer than you think. So continue with positive thinking and hard work to live a new life when you least expect it.




The clouds:

The clouds

What you want most now is someone who truly loves you with all his heart and who can match your feelings to maturity and wisdom. You have already suffered in love and expect that person who will give you hope.

Your blessing will come when you understand that no one will be exactly as you wish. People have different personalities, and it’s not because someone loves you, not as you wish, that he or she does not feel anything for you. Have a more mature vision of love to receive what you want.




The people:

The people

The blessing that is needed in your life right now is patience. When you have a goal, you become extremely impatient and want to solve the problem at a specific time, and this habit often puts you in unpleasant situations.

Your blessing will come when you understand that the world does not revolve around you and that things do not always happen according to your will. Patience makes us realize many more things than we think.


So what was your result? Did you like it? Give your opinion below!

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  1. Sheryl L Varien

    The blessing was perfect for me and right on spot. I saw the butterflies first and my message was hope for transformation.

    1. Spirit

      so happy to hear that 🙂

  2. Monica Levine

    I saw the obvious but I also saw shapes in the clouds specifically a dog. What I didn’t see were people
    This is very reflective of me. I see beauty and always see that which means the most to me
    People in general are not my go to. I have lived through enough taken on more problems than I should have now I get to choose what I want to see in my world
    Thank you for the reminder

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