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Ask Yourself These 5 Questions to Discover Your Life Purpose

Your goal is gently calling you. You know there is something more for you. Although it may sound cliché, it doesn’t change the way you feel it, deep inside. You feel destined for something greater.

You feel that there must be a purpose, there must be a call for you somewhere out there. You feel as if you are living a small part of the potential that you hold, you have the impression that you do not belong, you feel you need to follow something else.

You feel like you have to do something different. But you don’t know what. You don’t even know if this is true if you are supposed to be thinking this. The truth is that you are sane. You are probably saner than most people. You are starting to wake up. Ask yourself these questions for clarity:



1. What would I do if the money stopped existing?

Everyone chooses a job they don’t like very much to be able to earn more money. The true achievement has nothing to do with how much you earn, it comes from the pursuit of your goal.




2. What would I master if I wanted to be the master of something?

We are generally much better at some skill than others, and we don’t even realize it. Think of something that others find difficult, but it’s really easy for you.

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3. If I could do one thing to save the world, what would it be?

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions to Discover Your Life Purpose (2)The world has many problems that require solving. But what is important is the problem that we think is the priority. This tells us the type of our purpose.




4. If I had to spend all my time doing one thing, what would it be?

The things we are passionate about give us a glimpse of our true purpose. Usually, the things that, while we are doing them, we lose track of time, are the things closest to our goal.




5. If I were God, what would I create?

And if you had infinite space to create something, what would you create? How would you create it? It gives us a glimpse of what we really want to give to the world.

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