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7 Signs that Your Life Has a Higher Purpose on This Planet

There are certain moments in our lives where we feel that there are things that go beyond us and that we try to identify. Sometimes these feelings follow us throughout our lives and most of them are unknowingly destined for a purpose much larger than our routine.

The sad thing is that most people prefer their daily lives without surprises instead of going forward, taking risks, going on adventures, discovering new places, meeting new people.

For one reason or another, they are not attracted by this kind of thing! Maybe because they are busy or just do not want to. Anyway, it is important to realize our potential, which will allow us to aim higher and higher.

Here are some signs that can show you if you are supposed to leave a trace in this world.



1. You can not tell how you know certain things, you just know it …

Visionaries do not have their visions from the outside world or from what people tell them. Their visions come from an inner transmission to create what seems most natural to them. This “knowledge” about the things they should create gives meaning and value to the universe. You can call this intuition, you can call it deep conviction, you can call it the senses of the Spider-Man.

However, if you are destined for great things on this Earth, this knowledge will continue to manifest itself and tell you what it wants. So, the creation of great things is inevitable when it is intended for you. At least, that’s what your developed senses will try to tell you.

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2. Idealist

The world can have ups and downs, but like any idealist, you prefer to see the glass half full in all situations. There are times in your life where you can feel helpless or unable to control everything that is going on around you.

However, even if things are a little chaotic, you always see a glimmer of hope somewhere in the midst of this calamity. People often look to you for new ideas and thus you improve everyone’s future.




3. You love so deeply what you do, that you can do it for free…

And that’s where the irony lies – you deserve to know your value, and the more you begin to integrate your true value for all the contribution you make to the world, the more you will attract that added value.

However, you deliberately know that you are destined for great things when you love so deeply what you do that money is the last thing you think about.




4. Compassionate

You are someone very passionate and tend to give free service, especially if it is part of your passions. What you love in life is priceless to you and therefore you offer your help without compensation.

Just by making people smile and showing them new and amazing things, you have already done your homework by inspiring the world around you. You are the spark that ignites their curiosity.




5. Empathic

You are able to simultaneously capture the feelings of others as well as those of the whole world. It’s hard to be an empath with your ability to understand and analyze all these emotions. Sometimes you may even feel overwhelmed by the number of thoughts you would like to share.

Nevertheless, you are there for your friends as well as the planet when they need it the most. There may even be times when you want to drop everything to help someone in need before it’s too late.

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6. Waiting for inspiration

Sometimes you leave projects unfinished. Not because you do not want to finish them, but simply because you are waiting for the right moment or the right source of inspiration to revive your creative side once again.

You like perfection. You put all your heart into everything you do. This can lead to incredible masterpieces!




7. Self-employed

Most of the time you hate working for others. It’s not because you do not want to, but you think you could use your skills to do things better and on a larger scale. This can leave you feeling disappointed at the end of the day because you know that you could have contributed to the world in a much more meaningful way.

We are all part of a larger project, it takes just a little time to really understand it!


We are all supposed to do great things if we allow ourselves to listen to the hustle and bustle of our soul. When we give up the “perfect timing” and recognize that the “too late” does not exist, it becomes easier to let this reality rise to the depths and manifests itself.

What other signs did you see appear in your life that calls you to something bigger? Share your ideas by joining the conversation in the comment section below.

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