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Choose a Card and Let it Reveal the Secret Desire of Your Soul

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by the environments, the people and the situations around you and to forget yourself and who you really are.

This may not be healthy because when we do not know our purpose or set goals, we can easily be manipulated or live in a superficial way, which can affect our happiness.

To be happier in life, we need to know what moves us, what our soul desires, what makes our spirit happy. It is not always easy to find the answers to these questions, but the test we bring today could help you.

The 3 cards shown above represent the secret aspirations of the soul. Whatever your choice, you will have a special message for your life that could help you live with more meaning.

Choose the card that best represents you, then scroll down to find your message:



Card number 1:

If this card was your choice, you are moved by balance and truth. You are an entire person, you walk your path with responsibility and ethics, but you often focus more on the needs of others than on your own.

The great desire of your soul is that you start giving yourself a priority, creating space and giving yourself time for things that make you truly happy and complete.

You do not have to change who you are, or pay less attention to your neighbor, you just need to be more connected with your inner self. And, your life will be even more on a better path.




Card number 2:

Your true desire is to succeed and gain the admiration and respect of the people in your life. For this, you can work every day, dedicating yourself to all the activities you do. However, your fear and insecurity can prevent you from going beyond.

There is always a  “but”  when it comes to realizing your projects. Your soul wants you to go over that, and stop sabotaging yourself to get everything you deserve. You must take risks! He who remains motionless receives nothing.




Card number 3:

You feel that you are always very attached to your environment, your assets and your relationships. It is normal to create a special connection with everything that is part of your daily life, but you must also be open to change, to truly evolve and have a better life.

Your soul wants you to begin to see beyond the present, beyond your current situation. It wants you to realize your unlimited potential as well as the world of opportunities around you. When you open up to everything that could be yours, your life will run even more positively!

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