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How Mercury Retrograde Summer 2020, will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

It’s time for the infamous and boring transit that everyone dislikes: Mercury retrograde. That’s right, the planet of communication and cognitive function stations retrograde on June 8 and the stations direct again on July 12, so be prepared, because it’s coming soon.

However, before you start running for cover, let’s talk about all the good that can come out of retrograde Mercury. In fact, when you read your retrograde summer 2020 Mercury horoscope, you will not only have a better understanding of what to expect, but you will also realize that experience has a lot to teach you. No need to be afraid.

Set in intuitive and protective Cancer, this retrograde will reveal where your heart is, giving you a better idea of how you are dealing with your feelings and show you care. To be quite frank, this will also make the experience tricky, so don’t be surprised if your emotions overwhelm you during this time.

Cancer is a sign that tends to communicate with empathy; by simply feeling what others are feeling and assuming that their feelings are understood in return. However, since Mercury will be retrograde, which tends to cause misunderstandings, this sets the tone for many indirect communications.

Remember that Cancer is symbolized by the crab, and instead of moving forward, the crab tends to slink away by moving sideways. Retrograde Mercury in Cancer is no different, so keep in mind that passive-aggressive communication styles are unlikely to achieve the desired result.

Fortunately, you don’t need to overthink about what is going on during retrograde Mercury, as it is usually a period of impermanence. Generally, it is not advisable to start new projects or relationships during this period, as they may lose steam later.

Instead, it’s a great time to go back to old projects you have disconnected from or reconnect with people from your past and finally get a sense of closure.

Consider Mercury retrograde as an opportunity to take a break from everything and engage in reflection, revision, and reform. It’s a slow, steady process, but Mercury retrograde always encourages you to go back to the drawing board.

Discover how Mercury Retrograde 2020 will affect you, according to your zodiac sign:




Anything that keeps your heart from feeling safe and loved will happen during this time.

You will want to spend your time thinking about how to resolve long-standing conflicts with loved ones and problems related to your family life. Do what needs to be done to make you feel like you belong.





You learn how you can communicate your thoughts and opinions most effectively. If you have been keeping quiet when you had to speak, you will learn to control your voice.

If you have been speaking above others, it is time to start listening. It will transform the way you learn.





Your spending habits are coming to light. It’s time to think about how to spend more wisely, earn more money, and improve your outlook on your finances.

Learn what you need to thrive, but make sure your self-worth is not based on external factors; it comes from deep within.





You can spend this time wondering who you are and how you feel. However, these questions are intended to help you get to the bottom of yourself.

Understand that it is normal to change over time, so embrace being a constant work in progress. Let yourself be open to new emotions, perspectives, and possibilities.

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You may feel haunted by your past during this time as if you’re not truly over trauma from your past.

However, it is an opportunity to understand what went wrong and forgive yourself for all that you have experienced. Your past doesn’t define you, so free yourself from its clutches.





You rethink your friendships and the people you spend your time with. You can benefit from reconnecting with people from your past and having a sense of closure from the experience.

You might even meet a new set of people who will have a major impact on you, no matter how long they stay in your life.





You may experience some career setbacks during this time, but rather than seeing them as failures, see them as opportunities.

You now have the option of trying things out differently or resuming a career path that you have set aside. When this retrograde is complete, you will better understand your goals.





You reconsider where you are going and how you get there. Now is not the time to get obsessed with the destination, but to think more deeply about what you get out of the journey.

Be sure to pay attention to your surroundings; the opportunities available to you. Don’t miss them.

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You understand your attachments and how they harness your spiritual energy. It may be time to rethink if certain commitments have held you back or if your fear of engagement has prevented you from progressing.

Focus your heart on something that matters to you and brings out the best in you.





You become aware of your relationship patterns. You may feel encouraged to reflect on an established and lost relationship, helping you learn from your mistakes and free yourself from the sorrow of letting go.

You will take what you have learned and it will strengthen all your future relationships.





You take a closer look at your priorities and your daily routine. You see the impact of time spent on bad things.

It’s time to rethink what you choose to focus on and consider the regimes, techniques, and projects that will bring the best results for your future. Let your well-being be the most important thing.





You reconnect with your creative spark and learn how you can express yourself clearly and without excuses.

Identify the fears and mindsets that prevent you from fully exploiting your creativity. Learn how you can let go of the self-doubt that keeps you from experiencing every inch of your soul.

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