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How to Collaborate with the Universe so that Our Wishes Come True

For the Universe to give us what we want, we must first begin by asking for it. This indicates that we are getting what we asked for, without exception.

So, in general, we believe that what we are getting is not what we want or what we have asked for. There can be two reasons for this:


The first reason:

How to Collaborate with the Universe so that Our Wishes Come True

We get what we ask in a more powerful way and it is not possible for the Universe to grant us both wishes.

For example, if someone wants to have more financial means, but always thinks about his bad situation, his small salary and his many financial obligations, then it is impossible for the Universe to have access to two wishes, so he chooses to give the one he asks most powerfully.



The second reason is that we do not clearly specify our request.

Our energy and that of the universe are therefore scattered.

There is a simple way to clearly express your wish to the Universe and collaborate with it to make your wish come true. Choose one thing you want to succeed in your life. Choose a thing that you think you can succeed and want from the bottom of your heart. If you do not really believe that you are able to have what you want, you will not have it.

If you do not really want something, you will not be stimulated to act according to the desires of your heart. So choose a simple and enjoyable thing. By becoming more used to this method, you will be able to achieve things you could not even imagine.

Then write what you want to receive on a piece of paper. Write it down with as much detail as you can.

You can even put a picture of what you want if you have one. Write “I’m going to have…” and not “I wish I had…”.

Then write all you can and want to do to receive what you want. People tend to think that there is nothing to do or continue to think about what they can not do.

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You can always do something.

How to Collaborate with the Universe so that Our Wishes Come True

Even if it does not seem important. This will help you to fulfill your wish. Maybe you want to buy a new mattress. And maybe the only thing you think you can do is put a dollar a day in a piggy bank. Know that it’s enough. But do not try to be smarter than the Universe, it’s not possible. Just be honest about what you think you can do and what you want to do to fulfill your wish.

Write on paper everything you are going to do. Then, each day, choose a time during which you can stay calm for about thirty minutes and read your paper. Read what you want and what you do to get it.

Then close your eyes and see yourself getting what you want, being happy and grateful. And of course, keep doing what you promised to do to the Universe.

The Universe will do everything possible to fulfill your wish, you can be sure of that.




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