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This is why the Universe has not Realized Your Wish

Why has the Universe not yet realized your wish? Read this beautiful story to find out:


Somewhere around the universe is a small shop.

There was no sign on it for a long time. A hurricane had torn everything in its path and the owner had decided not to put anything because all the inhabitants knew that they were selling vows.

The shop offered a wide variety of things: huge yachts, luxurious houses, wedding, money, kids, all kinds of work, slender bodies, beautiful cars, power, success and so much more. The only two things that were not for sale were life and death.


Everyone who came to the store would find the price to pay for their wish.

Prices differed from each other.

For example, the price for a job that you love was giving up stability and predictability, allowing you to independently plan and structure your life, trust your strength, and allow you to do what you are passionate rather than following the orders of others.

For power and authority, the price was higher:

Renounce one’s own beliefs, rationally explain anything, know how to say no to others, know one’s own worth, learn to say “me” and put yourself forward.

You must also make yourself known regardless of the support or disapproval of those around you.



Some prices to make a wish seemed strange.

You could buy a wedding almost for nothing, while happy married life was very expensive: full responsibility for your own happiness, ability to receive the joy of life, knowing your desires and what you want in life, giving up eagerness to comply with others, the art of valuing what you already have, giving yourself permission to be happy, becoming aware of your value and your importance.

All the people who came to the store and wanted to fulfill their wish were not ready to pay the price of the wish they wanted. Seeing the price, some turned around and left. Others were long to contemplate and count “their money” while trying to find ways to get more.



Some complained of high prices, trying to get a small discount.

Other buyers looked at the lucky customers with envy and thought they were fulfilling their wish simply because they knew the owner of the store personally and knew the secret to making a wish, free of charge, without much work.

The store owner has been asked several times to lower prices in order to increase the number of customers. However, he always refused to do so because he did not want the wishes to be of lower quality by lowering prices.

When someone asked him if he was afraid of going bankrupt, he always said that there would always be brave people. Those who are willing to take the risk of changing their lives, those who refuse to lead a medium and predictable life, those who believe in them, and those who have the strength and energy needed to fulfill their wishes.

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