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How to Find Your Destiny Number and Its Meaning

Have you ever wondered how your destiny number and your personality traits were connected? In truth, many people are wondering about this stuff. If you want to know more about your destiny number, keep reading to learn more.

What is the destiny number?

This is a number that is meant to give you a purpose for your life. Think of it as something you can use as a beacon when you are not sure what to do next. For most people, this can help you better understand your own personality traits and help you decide what you want to do with your life, as it may help you better determine where you are most effective.



Determine your number

Determining your destiny number is actually very easy. First, write the numbers from 1 to 9, then write a letter of the alphabet under each digit, beginning with the letter A under number 1. Write the numbers 1 to 9 again and continue writing the alphabet below. When you’re done, you’ll have 3 rows of numbers and the letter Z will be under the number 8 in the third row. Now take the letters of your name and add them together. Make your name, then your middle name and lastly, your last name.

For each name, take your original total and if it’s above 10, write it as an addition between the two numbers that form it (10 as 1 + 0). This will give you your number for that name. Once you have a single number for each name, add them together. You thus get your destiny number.

For example, if your name is Linda, the numbers are 3 for the letter L, 9 for the letter I, 5 for the letter N, 4 for the letter D and 1 for the letter A. This gives you a total of 22. Now divide the result by writing it as 2 + 2. Your total number is 4. Do the same for your middle name and last name and then add the three numbers together.

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Personality and numbers

Once you have your destiny number, you can begin to better understand your personality traits and characteristics. You can also have a particular insight into your donations that you could use to help others or even put you in a more secure financial situation.

Discover the meaning of destiny numbers:




1- Natural leader:

This person is extroverted, motivated, intelligent, creative, enthusiastic and independent. On the other hand, he does not always listen to advice and may even express selfish tendencies.




2- Donor:

This individual is spiritual, passionate, works well with others and often works as a counselor or something similar. On the other hand, he tends to judge himself too severely.




3- Free spirit:

The free spirit is sensitive, optimistic and communicates well with other individuals. This kind of individual could become an artist. However, he tends not to know how to manage money.




4- Pragmatic:

The pragmatic person is organized, voluntary and reliable. He could excel in management or in companies. On the other hand, he is narrow-minded and brutally honest.




5- Motivated:

Someone who is motivated is adventurous, has many talents and is an extrovert. He thrives in difficult work and can choose something in the political or legal field, or maybe sales. On the other hand, he is not usually interested in romance and is easily bored. When he gets bored, he may lose interest in the point of refusing to continue the project that no longer interests him.




6- Responsible:

This individual is often devoted. He is also conservative and generous and usually has a lot of friends. People who have this number of fate might want to work in an area that allows them to serve others. Sometimes they choose domestic work. Unfortunately, they are also overwhelmed rather easily.




7- Decisive:

A decisive individual is sincere, intelligent, introverted and spiritual. However, he can also be pessimistic and in many cases, he will debate with others, even when he knows the other person is right. These people generally prefer to work in a field that requires a lot of thought.




8- Goal-oriented:

This individual is a good leader, honest and direct, reliable and organized. Unfortunately, he can often be too direct, giving the feeling that he is trying to dominate other people. He is also distant, often focusing on the next goal, instead of emotionally connecting with other people.




9- Attentive:

A person who has this destiny number is creative, sensitive and compassionate. He lives to help others. As a result, he does not necessarily do well in jobs where the only thing that matters is profit. These people are better at an area that allows them to connect with others and help them.



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