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How to Set the Best Resolution for Your Soul for the Year 2020

The year 2020 is now here, so it is only natural to reflect on all the ups and downs that we have gone through. It is also a good time to start thinking about the new goals or projects we want to undertake for this year.

The Universe will signal us to reflect on how we can create security and comfort in our lives while manifesting and realizing our highest dreams and wishes.

The year 2020 will be a big breath of fresh air that will allow us to fully focus on what we want to welcome. To welcome this new energy, you can take a soul resolution. It is a little different from the resolutions that we take on New Year’s Day because it is a question of defining an intention and not of creating a goal.

When you create an intention, you don’t have to define what it will look like. In reality, this consists of planting a seed of creation and then watching how it evolves and changes your life.

When you tune in the power of your heart and soul, determine what you need, and then create the intention to bring that energy into your life, the changes that are happening are incredible.

The resolutions of the soul are almost like little prayers that you send to the universe and that are felt in the deepest levels. They are heard by your spiritual guides, then the opportunities to put your intention into practice are transmitted to you throughout the year.

We have seen it manifest in our own lives and in others, year after year, and we really feel those soul resolutions are extremely powerful.

Here’s how to create your soul resolution:



1. Choose a soul resolution:

We are still working on our soul lessons, whether we like it or not, but when you know what your soul is working on, you can start to set a goal to help you complete your journey.

When choosing a soul resolution, try to think about the themes or patterns of your life and where you felt most challenged or uprooted.

From there, you can then define which direction can be most beneficial for the coming year.

Also, ask your heart and soul what they need. Just close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, then ask your soul what it needs. Ask your heart for what it needs. Then stay open to any responses that come up.




2. Create your soul goal:

After identifying your soul resolution, write it down on a piece of paper. There are no rules. For example, you can write:

“I must continue to open my heart and let love spring. I must be careful not to let the pain of loss block the flow of love. The answer to pain is always more love. The resolution of my soul is to continue to open my heart and allow me to really feel loved because this is where I can continue to inspire and create not only for myself but also for others.”

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3. Send your soul resolution:

Sit in a quiet place, you can also light a candle. Again, there are no rules.

Recite your soul resolution three times out loud. As you say your goal, try to feel it deep inside.

After you finish, fold up your soul resolution and leave it on a shelf in your room or in a safe place.

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