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Removing These 4 Energy Blocks Will Improve Your Financial Situation

Everything is energy and energy is everything, even money. Our energy, as well as the expansion of our energy, will manifest itself in everything we say, do, and think. This means that if we are struggling to attract money into our lives, we really have to look at our lives from different angles.

We have to look at ourselves and see our lives as observers. We should connect each dot and after that, refine and define ourselves and our lives to always progress towards improvement. Here are the four examples of common behavioral patterns that create energy blocks when it comes to money:



1. How often do you blame your parents, politicians, and anything or anyone else for your current situation?

When we think about these things for a while, do we somehow start believing that money is actually the root of all evil or is connected to people who “cheat” the systems and to thieves too?

Well, the truth is, not all the rich are the cheaters and takers in this world. In fact, if we really pay more attention to it, the bad things about these rich people are everything that the media sensationalizes, because the truth is, headlines will sell until the next bad person shows up and takes them over.

We should honestly ask ourselves how much sensationalism has entered our belief system. At the same time, we will want more money and we cannot have two opposing energies present about money. Simply put, it won’t work and we will end up slowing down our monetary wealth.

The money will not just flow to all these cheaters and con artists in the world. The truth is, the money will give us more freedom when we really think about it. Money represents freedom.

We need to shift our energy and focus on feeling free and making it our new go-to memory and feel our freedom the next time we catch ourselves thinking about money in low vibrating frequencies of energy.

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2. Do you hold judgments about money?

Sometimes when we see coins or pennies in a parking lot or on the road, we don’t bend down to pick them up because we feel embarrassed or think other people might see us and think we are desperate and cheap. We may also judge money and think it is dirty.

Because of this, we don’t want our pockets, purse, or hands to get dirty too. We must remember that the energy of money is capable of changing immediately. After all, it simply responds to our frequencies of monetary energy.

We have to change our energy. If we think about improving our energy and we see a shiny coin in front of us, right after making the intention, we should thank our universe and also show our gratitude. In fact, these are all signals and signs, and gratitude will grant us other similar experiences.



3. Do you respect or honor money differently?

What does our purse or wallet look like? Are we keeping it disorganized and messy? The ways we keep our money communicate with the Universe. We should think of it this way:

When we keep our purse messy, or also our bills and wallets, then our energy will communicate that we don’t really care about money, which means money is not our top energy or our priority to which our Universe can respond. So it won’t respond for sure. We should shift our energy and declutter or show some reverence for our money so that we soon feel money abundance.



4. Do you complain about the prices of things?

How do we feel when we walk around some high-end stores and see shoes or a handbag for $1000 and more? Are we disgusted in any way? When we feel or think something is too expensive, or express it verbally, things will continue to be too expensive and out of reach for us.

We should shift our energy and practice the powers of pause so that we can choose another response that will serve us better. We must choose our words wisely or remember that our words activate our vibration, creating our new reality as we move forward.

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