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10 Ways to Increase Your Spiritual Power and Unleash Your Maximum Potential

Spiritual power is strongly connected with relaxation, since only in relaxation can we be who we really are. To achieve complete relaxation, it is very important that we feel at peace with ourselves and with our emotions.

The psychological aspect of relaxation is as important as releasing our bodies from stress. The sense of personal identity that develops helps us to have a balanced life perspective and a vital and healthy faith in us.

If we believe in ourselves, we can face any difficulty, we can even take advantage of stressful situations by seeing them as opportunities to grow. Spiritual power is more than becoming a true psychic. It’s about your health and your life.

If you practice some of these things regularly, you will increase your self-esteem, you will find your purpose, you will break with the past that prevents you from moving forward and you will create a vision of a bright future in which you will be your best self.

The only thing you should know first about increasing your spiritual powers is knowing what it means when we say spiritual powers. Spiritual powers mean unleashing the full potential of your real being and living authentically.


10 Ways to Increase Your Spiritual Power:



1. Appreciate yourself.

If you do not believe in yourself and think that your personal qualities have no value, it will be increasingly difficult for you to relax. Stress arises when your commitment and responsibility exceeds the limits of your ability to overcome them.

If you have good confidence and a strong awareness of your abilities, that limit will expand. Then you can see the pressure as something positive, as an opportunity to expand your experience and ability.




2. Restore your perspective.

If the same problem is repeated and you can’t think of other ways to solve it, try this visualization exercise to see it from a new perspective and let it happen.

Sit comfortably, breathe deeply several times and close your eyes. Imagine you are a bird that wins the flight. You are heading towards space, flying higher and further from your human being. Look down on what you see, houses, buildings and walks from the air. People appear as small dots that move quickly from one place to another.

Fly even higher. It seems that buildings and trees begin to disappear. Finally, all you can see is the world as a small rotating sphere floating in space. From there, try to visualize your problem as if it were a speck of dust on Earth, just below you. Think about how the wind will blow it and carry it away. When you are finished exercising, exhale slowly and open your eyes.




3. Overcome your fears.

For some people overcoming their fears is very important to enjoy a more relaxed life. Fear, in essence, is an internal dimension, the emotions that we generate in our minds in response to perceptions of danger.

Sometimes the danger is real, but sometimes it’s just fantasy. An effective method to control irrational fears is to reduce sensitivity through a slow process. Gradually increasing your tolerance to fear.




4. Reverse your internal negative dialogue.

The internal dialogue is talking to yourself. Those are the words we use when we talk to ourselves, reflecting and creating our emotional state. The negative internal dialogue is usually a mixture of half the truth and irrational thinking.

The consequence is the containment of negative emotions, such as pessimism, guilt, fear, and anxiety.

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5. Live the present moment.

The famous saying teaches us that when one door is closed, another is opened. However, many people remain motionless behind closed doors, without seeing new opportunities opening before their eyes. Turning things over and over “if I do that, or something else …” only serves to anchor your mind in the past.

In the same way, fantasizing about the future, thinking “what will happen if …”, forces you to live in the future. Very often we lose the care of the present and don’t enjoy it fully. Start today to divert your energy to live in the now. In a few days you will see that if you act naturally, your future will be molded through real experience.




6. Accept the change.

Change is an inevitable part of our lives and for some of us, it is synonymous with disappointment and stress, because we believe it steals our sense of control.

The only way to prevent change from causing stress is to give up all the desire to fight it and think of it as an opportunity to enjoy new experiences and develop new skills and qualities. Remember that humans are one of the most adaptable life forms on earth. Adjusting to the changes dictated by life is something that can be achieved without maintaining an attitude of acceptance.




7. Clean the flow of your chakras.

Chakra is not something strange in the spiritual world. This is a term that refers to the energy points in your body, all of which provide psychological information.

Keeping your energy points in good condition is the same as keeping your physical organs in good health. Both parts are equally important.

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8. Eat healthier foods.

The energy you feel is connected to the food you eat. Your whole being has more energy when you consume food that provides clean, quality energy without it being difficult for your body to digest and process.

So eat more natural foods, vegetables, fruits, eat organic and local. These tips are enough to take you to consume foods that increase your energy in general.




9. Create a state of your dreams.

Why don’t you make your own dream state? Only with a dream state can you penetrate your subconscious. Why is the dream state important in your search for spiritual power?

Because only in a dream state can you completely relax, thus reflecting, in real-time, all the stories and interactions in your mind. You might be able to navigate the subconscious to support your psychic powers.




10. Practice classes that help you unlock your power.

There are many practitioners and energy gurus who know what they are doing. They know exactly how our energy body works and how to find the blocks in its energy flow.

If there are blockages it is difficult to unlock your full potential. So go to energy classes and practice different techniques. Find the ones that work best for you and practice them.

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