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The 5 Personality Types that Are Here to Change the World

Personality is what allows us to differentiate ourselves from others, to be unique in a way. Every human being has their own emotional, moral or intellectual characteristics that set them apart from others. We often talk about a strong personality. But what does it really mean?

Are impulsiveness, egocentrism, selfishness, ambition, strengths or weaknesses for our personality? The keyword in this area is above all to work on oneself to determine the aspects of one’s personality that can hinder your personal development. Introspection.

There are 15 different personality types based on psychology:



6 types of personality combinations:

Extraversion-Introversion: People who prefer to focus their attention and draw their energy from the outside world, from people and activities; or their inner world from ideas and experiences.

Judge-Perceive: People who prefer to face the outside world in a planned and orderly way, or in a flexible and spontaneous way.

Sensorial-Intuition: People who prefer to receive targeted information about what is real and concrete, or from meaningful models and data.



4 personality types for learning:

Assimilation: A person who combines preferences for reflection and thought.

Divergence: A person who combines preferences for experimentation and reflection.

Convergence: A person who combines preferences for thought and action.

Adaptation: A person who combines preferences for action and experimentation.



5 personality types for conflict management:

Competition: High self-assertion and low level of cooperation, the goal is to “win”.

Avoid: Low self-assertion and low level of cooperation, the goal is to “postpone”.

Negotiator: Moderate self-assertion and cooperation, the goal is to “find common ground”.

Collaborator: High self-assertion and a high degree of cooperation, the goal is to find a solution where “everyone wins”.

Adaptation: Low self-assertion and a high degree of cooperation, the goal is to “give”.


These are the 5 Personality Types that Are Here to Change the World



1. Whoever changes the rules.

I have always believed that the world would not be saved by old people who have old ideas or young people with new ideas, but by intuitive people with crazy ideas. These types of people reject the idea of ​​various economic doctrines or socio-political behaviors.

They do not know “capitalist” vs “socialist”. They do not care about “left” vs. “right”. They are looking to push the boundaries to see what really works.



2. The Healer.

I do not necessarily mean energy healers, but people who want to heal others in one way or another. It may be a care specialist in a nursing home, a physiotherapist or a neurosurgeon. They are people who just want to heal others.



3.The Explorer.

When we think we have discovered everything, it is exactly at that moment that we must explore more. Even today, explorers are still important. Explorers can be scientists who probe the depths of space or philosophers who probe the depths of the mind.



4. The Diplomat.

As the world becomes more violent and tumultuous, diplomats become more and more important. They are people who can, on a small scale, ease tensions between friends and families, and on a larger scale, between nations.



5. The Protector.

The protectors are the ecologists, they like to take care of mother nature. Many ignore their own needs to sacrifice for the good of the planet. They promote harmony and stability in this world.


Do not be afraid to highlight the assets of your personality!

In life, nothing is ever all white or black! Each trait of your personality can be as motivating as it is disabling for your emotional, personal or professional development.

For example, do you think you are ambitious? For many people, ambition has a negative reputation, especially when it is attributed to a woman. But being ambitious does not necessarily mean stepping on others to succeed.

No, ambition is simply to give oneself the means to be happy and fulfilled in all areas of one’s life. It’s a fight in all circumstances! Many traits can be both assets and weaknesses for the individual who owns them. Everything is a question of dosage.

Thus, impulsivity can take a form of spontaneity that brings an interesting freshness. Indecision may allow, on the contrary, decisions that are well thought out. From the moment they are mastered and known, these character traits stand out as true assets. So, do not be afraid to show yourself as you are! In short, assume completely!




Do not be afraid of change!

To question oneself on a daily basis seems to be one of the keys to happiness and that of one’s loved ones. To improve, to evolve, to grow, to analyze, to exteriorize, to understand … These are words that associate themselves completely with the work of introspection that will lead you on the road to happiness.

If you are having problems with some aspects of your character, maybe it’s time for you to change.

Do you find yourself too brittle, too hard with those you love? It is up to you to change this state of affairs and soften you a little.

Are you too available for others and not enough for you or your family? Find the meaning of your priorities and what really matters to you.

Your life belongs to you. Do not let yourself be dictated the behavior you must keep.


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