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How To Be Open To Receive a Message From the Source

It’s possible to receive a message from your Higher Self or from your personal Spirit Guides (aka, Guardian Angels, God, or however you wish to refer to a Higher Source).

The real trick is knowing when to open your senses to receive a message from the Divine in one of the so very many ways.

In order to divine a message, one has to be fully open to receiving one in any way it’s chosen to be delivered. For Source (or God) works in mysterious ways and will likely deliver a message at a time when it’s needed and asked for most, yet it may arrive in unexpected ways.

Keep an open mind and ask for guidance in one of any of the following ways, yet be open to them all.

How To Receive a Message From the Source…



Be Open To Unexplainable Phenomena

Ever witness something you just can’t explain, so you bypass it altogether?

Perhaps something in the home was moved when you could have sworn up and down that nobody touched it, or maybe lights flickered as you walked past, even if the bulb was recently changed and the lamp has never malfunctioned any other time.

These are small examples and only a few out of hundreds of possibilities. Next time you come across something you just can’t seem to understand or explain, is it at all possible you could understand it better through the eyes of Spirit?



Be Open To Olfactory Memory

Olfactory memory is a term for how our sense of smell can bring back a wave of emotions and memories of our past.

Ever find yourself in a closed-off room or somewhere outside, far away from other people, yet there is a scent in the air that you just can’t place, not knowing from it whence it came from?

Many accounts of there being the scent of tobacco smoke, perfume, or flowers have been witnessed, whereas these things (and nobody else) were nearby.

Perhaps this is instead a message from Spirit or loved ones who have passed away, reassuring us they are nearby and offering their love and support from the other side.



Be Open To ‘Feeling’

This form of message is mostly felt when a loved one has recently passed away. Usually as a soft graze of the skin or hair, on the back, arms, or hands.

This is somewhat rare, however, and usually indicates that Spirit is nearby and offering their comfort. Yet, what is more, common than this is being able to simply ‘feel’ the presence of a loved one, or Spirit, nearby.



Be Open To ‘Hearing’

It’s not uncommon for a message from Spirit to be offered through speech or music.

Likely a song will come on with a message in the lyrics or instrumental beat that you need to hear at that exact moment, or perhaps you hear your name being called from a distance when no one else is nearby.

Spirit is trying to get your attention. They are urging you to slow down and ‘listen.’ Find the message at the moment that resonates with your Soul and do with it what you will.



Be Open To The Realm of Dreams

Dreams are an excellent avenue for Spirit to breach the divide between our lower, 3-dimensional reality and their higher plane of spiritual existence.

In other words, dreams act as a ‘bridge’ from whence we can meet them halfway and for them to offer their divine wisdom. Not all dreams are created equal. However, some may not offer the message you desire, yet the one which you truly need.

Remain open to any symbols or meanings within your dream and follow your intuition. In some instances, dreams may wake us up with their vivid lucidity as we get wrapped up in the emotions they make us face.

It may help keep a dream journal beside the bed to write down anything that stood out most before it disappeared. Make it as detailed as possible and consult with a dream dictionary or dream interpreter for better clarity.


Being as open as possible to all the above methods can go a long way in receiving a message from your Guardian Angel, the Source, from your Higher Self, or from a loved one who has passed away.

Yet whether or not you receive a message, or miss it when one gets delivered, matters not. Your Spirit Guides are always with you and wish for you to remember that you are loved and supported. ♥



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