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These are 3 signs that Your Higher Self is Trying to Contact You

Who are you and what are we really? When you talk about “yourself,” who are you really talking about? The self that identifies with the spirit and daydreams and thinks all day? Or the self that identifies with the body and collaborates with it as a vehicle made of flesh?

We live our lives as think tanks that travel through space, and sometimes we do not question ourselves to know what exactly the “I” is.

We react, we talk, we do what we need to do, just like a mind-body. We are so comfortable with feelings generated by the mind-body that we forget the third aspect of our being. The soul is not separate from you. It is not an abstract thing. That’s what you are. But in our society, it is so easy to feel disconnected from our true self (the soul), that we often believe that the voice of God or the Higher Self exists in another form of existence.

In fact, you are your Higher Self, under the egoic condition of your consciousness that confuses its identity with thought and the body.

Some people believe that the Higher Self is a part of the self that exists in the ether, and that may be true, but the soul would not exist also in the ether? It is non-physical after all, and in addition, it exists at an absolute level of reality.

This Higher Self is morally perfect, wise, and has been guiding you for a long time.
It keeps sending us signs to point you towards the major turning point in evolution, love, and truth. These are signs that come from your Self (in the form of consciousness) and that move towards you on a conscious level.

Here are three signs that your Higher Self has given you:


1) The synchronicities

You may notice that there are coincidences in your life that can not be attributed to mere chance. Seeing repeating numbers is a very common sign that people perceive when they begin to come into contact with the deepest aspects of themselves.

This is an obvious sign that you are on the right track. Maybe your friend calls you right after stimulating his thinking, or you get a new opportunity for a good job when you think about leaving your job.

What is even more important than the individual cases of synchronicities is the general atmosphere of life, which seems to work with you for a change. Or, the general mood does not meet your needs.

One is a sign of your Higher Self to keep doing what you are doing, and the other is a sign that you need to stop, think, and focus. For my part, I hit my toe and break a lot of things when I’m stuck in my head with feelings that arouse anger or annoyance. It’s so strange. I would defend myself vigorously with someone to make a conscious action and start to stumble over my words or break something.

Perhaps you have complained all day, and you continue to notice that misfortunes are falling on you. Pay attention to small things like this. Our Higher Self is always a great help and tries to lead us with small signs like these to a higher state of consciousness.



2) The intuitive feelings

It is the most subtle but the most powerful sign of all. Do you know when you have an “instinctive feeling” about something without any reason? It’s not a matter of perceiving a guy wearing a black coat with a cross engraved upside down between his eyes and feeling as if we should stay away.

It’s not about a girl with snakes in her hair who consumes beer and breaks your feet for no reason …

I’m talking about someone with a respectable and clean appearance that makes you feel a bit weird deep inside of you having to distance yourself, and later you find out they have a history of domestic violence or substance addiction. Please pay attention to this feeling, and make sure it is indeed your intuition and that it is not just guesses or movies that you are doing in your head.

Learning to follow this kind of intuition about people and what’s going on will save you a lot of trouble and headaches. This is how your Higher Self informs you about something you would not be able to know by reason and experience. It gives you the knowledge that you could not acquire on your own. This intuition also comes in another form, which is just as subtle and equally important. It’s a deep, quiet feeling you feel inside because of the way you behave and think.

This could be as simple as the resentment of deep and silent sadness that you might experience if you are too harsh or harsh with someone, or the feeling of nausea that you might feel if you did something behind the back of someone you know who could have hurt him.

Maybe you feel dirty inside after having an argument with a loved one, or feel polluted after being inundated with other types of entertainment. These are all ways of your Higher Self telling you that you must stop and listen to what He tells you. Your soul literally yells at you so that you can look inside yourself and be careful that this feeling is trying to teach you about yourself and the situation.

The next time you have a feeling like this after performing an action or behaving in a certain way, do not resist it. Sometimes the ego will not want to surrender to that feeling because it would have to admit defeat. But life is so short. Do not let the ego trick you and slow your evolution so that your gaps are not exposed. Listen to your intuition. It’s the GPS system of your soul. The voices in your head lead you everywhere, but the voice of your soul will never lead you off the beaten path.



3) Your Passion / Vocation

You may find that you are unhappy with your situation in life. Most people are, and not everyone will have the opportunity to live the life of their dreams. But everyone has a chance to try, and no one has an excuse not to follow his inner little voice that pulls them to what they really want to do.

Take a moment to ask yourself these questions. What are my strengths, and how can my skills / talents benefit others? What is passionate about me? What really interests me? If you notice that the answer does not follow these questions, your Higher Self will try to get you out of it in different ways.

1) Inwardly, you will feel emptied. When you neglect your vocation, how could your soul not suffer? Do not fill yourself with more entertainment and comfort, go inside yourself and analyze why you feel that way. What can you start doing every day to make your dreams come true and live your passions?

2) You will be bored, or you will be dead before dying. It does not matter if you have all the money and toys in the world, you will feel as if something is missing in your life. You are not lacking more “things” or even people. You miss the spark in your life. We need you and your passion to give life back to this world.

3) You will feel guilty about not pursuing what you really love and living your life for someone else. This guilt is present to propel you into action to do what satisfies your soul and your intellect. Every soul who lives on this planet came here with a purpose, and some came here with the purpose of fulfilling a mission and serving humanity and the planet. Those who have come here on mission will possess certain gifts and an undeniable passion for certain things that can be used for the common interest. If you choose to live your life to impress your parents and colleagues, you will feel deep guilt.

It may seem inexplicable because you have done nothing to feel guilty. But when it comes to your Higher Self, guilt is the most common element for all things you do not do.

This does not mean that you have to quit your job and change your whole life, but you need to nurture your passions and skills in the same way that a flower needs to be watered.

These are three common ways our Higher Self will try to guide us through our daily lives. This is nothing too mystical or complicated. All he requires of us is that we look for signs in our life and learn to detect and follow the internal guidance system he has put in place for us.

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  1. TAM

    I don’t want to be negative, but this is a terrible article. It is confusing semantically, and also contains syntactical errors.
    The following sentence, or more accurately sentence fragment, is presumably a typo that somehow made it through to arduous review process:
    Some people believe that the Higher Self is a part of the self that exists in the ether, and that may be true, but the soul would not exist also in the ether?

    In the second paragraph, it states that you are your soul is not separate – it’s what you are.
    In the third paragraph, it state you are your higher self?

    This, in my opinion, is very unclear and confusing. Let me know if you’re interested, and will explain the difference between the HS and soul.


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