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This Is How You Can Shift From a Fixed into a Growth Mindset

Opening your mind can be just as important as opening your heart. When you open your mind, your life goes from a place of restricted and narrow thought to a vast and expansive thought filled with limitless opportunities. To get to this place, just a few simple adjustments to your state of mind.



Growth mindset:

When you operate from a growth-based mindset, life takes on a whole new meaning. Every opportunity or experience passed on to you is seen as a potential rather than a burden.

While it can be difficult to see the potential when you are in the middle of a storm, having a growth-based mindset allows you to think bigger and shift your awareness to a higher mindset.



Fixed mindset:

Living life in a fixed state of mind keeps you grounded in fear and self-doubt. It is also very difficult to see the opportunities that life offers you when you are in a fixed state of mind.

If you are looking to move your life to your highest path, you must open your mind and operate from a place of growth, rather than fixity.

Here are 5 ways to shift to a growth-based mindset and stay away from a limited or fixed mindset.



1. The challenges of life:

When you are in a growth mindset, any challenges that arise are considered an opportunity for growth. Even though they may seem difficult, challenges are what keep us going. Challenges also allow us to explore new depths of our potential and strength.

Those who operate with a fixed mindset, however, avoid challenges. They don’t see them as a potential growth point and instead get caught in victim mode. They can also complain about the problem instead of focusing on the solution.



2. Knowing that you are supported:

When you are in a growth-based mindset, you feel and know that you are supported. You are not afraid of making a wrong turn or finding yourself on the “wrong path” because intuitively you know that everything is simply a learning experience.

When you are in a fixed mindset, it can be very difficult to trust yourself and the world around you. You may also find yourself believing that the world is against you or that you are competing against others.

In a growth mindset, however, you know that what belongs to you will always come your way and that competition is just an illusion.

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3. Chasing your dreams:

This Is How You Can Shift From a Fixed into a Growth Mindset (2)When you are in a growth mindset, the world is your oyster and there is nothing stopping you from achieving whatever you want for yourself.

You may understand that there are twists and turns on the road, but in the end, you have confidence and you know that everything that belongs to you will find you.

When operating from a fixed mindset, it can be very difficult to dream big or think outside the box. It can also be difficult to take a leap of faith to pursue what you really want to do.

You may feel blocked, reserved, or restricted in one way or another, but this is often just your state of mind. Operating from a growth-based mindset gives you the faith and confidence to achieve what you truly want.



4. Others’ influence on you:

When you are in a fixed mindset, it is very easy to take the opinions, criticisms, and energy of others as if it were your own. Being in a fixed mindset makes you kind of a victim and can really stop you from doing what you really want to do.

When you are in a growth-based mindset, you are open to suggestions from others but do not allow them to stand in your way. You can also listen to and research the value of the review, without taking it personally. While this can be difficult to do when operating from a growth-based mindset, it changes the way you allow others to affect you.



5. Success:

When you are in a growth mindset, you rejoice in the successes of others and see success on your own terms. Success takes on new meaning for you and goes beyond financial or material gain.

When you are in a fixed mindset, the success of others can make you jealous and success is based on what others think of you, rather than on your own definition.

The easiest way to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset is awareness. When you can become aware of your thinking and how it is holding you back, that’s when you can make changes.

In many ways, achieving a growth mindset is simply reminding yourself every day that life is not happening to you, but for you.

“If you want to make a change, you will have to operate on a new belief that says life doesn’t happen to me but for me.”
~ Tony Robbins


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