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Which of These Indigo Adult Characteristics Do You Have?

Many of us can be an indigo adult, you can be young and still be one. Those who are Indigo were not just born between 1975 and 1995, however, this seems to be the origin of the largest group of Indigos.

If some of these characteristics speak to you, you could be an Indigo adult.


25 Characteristics of Indigo Adults:



1. You do not have higher grades, but you are very intelligent.


2. You like to make things and you seem very creative.


3. A constant need to find out why. Especially when you are asked to do things.


4. You don’t like repetitive tasks, so school, work seems tedious.


5. You were very rebellious in college/school, refused to do your homework, refused authority or you wanted to rebel, but not because of pressure from your parents.


6. You may have suffered from depression, you may have felt helpless. These ranged from suicidal tendencies to sadness and despair.


7. You have difficulty integrating into service-oriented occupations. Most Indigos reject power and class-related jobs.


8. You prefer leadership roles or prefer to work alone rather than working in a team.


9. You seem to be intolerant of ignorance but have a deep bond and empathy for people.


10. You can be emotional, like crying for no reason, or being the complete opposite and showing no emotion.


11. May have anger issues.


12. Having problems with systems you see as broken or failed, such as educational, medical, legal and political.


13. You feel alienated and angry with politics, your inner voice will not matter, or the outcome will not matter to you.


14. You are frustrated with 9 to 5 jobs, marriage, children, etc.

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15. You are angry at your rights being taken away from you or angry at big brother who is watching you.


16. You have an inner desire to change things and make this world a better place.


17. Have a lot of spiritual or psychic interest and seem to appear when you were young.


18. You don’t seem to have role models.


19. You seem to jump around a lot in your conversations, patterns of random behavior linked to your strong intuition.


20. You have had many psychic encounters, seeing spirits, hearing voices, premonitions, and others.


21. You are electrically sensitive to items such as watches that seem to be malfunctioning or street lights seem to go out when you pass under them.


22. You have knowledge of other dimensions.


23. You are sexually very expressive or you can disapprove sexuality for the purpose of a higher intimate spiritual connection.


24. You seek to signify your life through spirituality.


25. You are determined to find the balance to become stronger, happy and healthy.



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