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Why Falling in Love with a Spiritual Girl is the Best Thing that Could Happen to You

Spiritual girls are the best types of girls to be with. To be honest, they are not “girls” at all, they are women. Beautiful happy conscious women.

After reading these, chances are you will seek your own spiritual girl. Honestly, if you look hard enough, you may find that there is already one in your life waiting for you to notice her. She is amazing and once you have her, don’t take her for granted:



1. She is aware that everything has a purpose:

She will not take advantage of you because she knows that you have entered her life for a reason. She knows that nothing is happening without meaning.


2. She is genuine:

She is not a girl who pretends to be something or someone she is not. With her, what you see is what you get in every sense of the word.


3. She loves living life:

She loves life for what it is, appreciates every moment, and lives life to the fullest.


4. She loves everybody:

Her family, friends, animals and everyone is important to her. She loves to the point where there is nothing alive that she will not care about. She is incredible.


5. She is learning and growing all the time:

She knows she is not perfect and always takes the time to improve and develop her knowledge.


6. She embraces the unknown:

She is not afraid of things she does not see.


7. She is not materialistic:

She wants to live a meaningful life rather than being stuck worrying about material things.


8. She has so much faith:

She can and will make the most of a crappy situation. She believes in the universe.


9. She is one with nature:

She is happier when she is at home in nature.


10. She is compassionate:

She always spends time trying to help others.


11. She loves peace:

She is not one for conflicts.


12. She will never hurt you:

She won’t hurt anyone, by the way.


13. She can hold her own:

She doesn’t need you to defend her, she already has that covered.


14. She is free:

Nothing can hold her back.


15. She loves like nobody else:

Her love is overwhelming and incredible. It is unlike anything you have felt before. She loves with all her being.



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