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15 Signs that Reveal the Presence of an Empath in Your Surroundings

Marshall Rosenberg, the author of “Nonviolent Communication,” defines empathy as follows:

“In empathy, you do not speak at all. You speak with the eyes. You speak with the body. If you pronounce words, it is because you are not sure of being with the person. So, you can say a few words. But words are not empathy. Empathy is when the other person feels the connection with what is alive in you.”

You will notice certain things in empaths, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Here are 15 signs that reveal the presence of an empath in your surroundings:



1. They can not stand in crowded places.

Empaths can be introverted or extroverted, but even extroverts find themselves easily overwhelmed by the crowd. The strength of the energies and feelings they absorb is exhausting.



2. They like to help others get better.

Empaths want the best for us and our well-being. Of course, as with all their advice, it is essential to really apply them in your life.



3. They are accused of being too sensitive or too emotional.

Empaths are not “too much”. They feel things very deeply, both positive and negative. They are in touch with their emotions and yours. Although empaths have more difficulty living in a world designed for less sensitive people, being empathetic has many positive aspects.

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4. They can not stand the lies.

Empaths are able to detect at a glance if you are lying. Many people do not know it, but empaths do not support lies. It can even end a relationship.



5. They do not support violent or overwhelming media images.

Empaths avoid as much information as possible, and if they see something upsetting, they become disturbed for a long time. They experience overwhelming sadness and suffering every time they see something violent or upsetting in the news.



6. They are sensitive to stimulants and medications.

Coffee, some teas, energy drinks, soft drinks that contain caffeine make them more anxious and agitated than average. When it comes to drugs, they avoid them as much as possible because of their side effects.



7. They are easily distracted.

Empaths are easily distracted and tend to lose concentration, perhaps because of their high sensitivity. They just take advantage of all the little things you might not notice.

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8. They do not support narcissists.

If you are very in love with your reflection, your money and your ego, stay away from empaths, they will not support you.



9. Some noises disturb them.

But there are also some textures, fabrics, bright lights and loud noises that can strongly disturb them. They also notice soft sounds, gentle caresses, and delicate tastes, but in a pleasant way.



10. They are authentic.

They know who they are and accept it totally. Some people may seem to have trouble with their sensitive nature and honest demeanor.



11. If they give you advice, accept them.

If they take the time to listen to you and give you sincere advice, listen to them. The empaths know what they are talking about.

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12. Empaths know how to listen to others.

You can tell them just about anything and everything about your life and they will listen to you. They will feel all the ups and downs of your story without judging what you are saying. These people are here to help you, not to hurt you.



13. They feel what we are experiencing.

If a loved one is sick, depressed or agitated, they display the same symptoms. They are so tied to what we live, that they go through exactly what we are going through.



14. They are very close to animals.

Empaths regard animals as members of their family. When they see an animal in nature, they see a perfect and pure soul. They talk to animals in different ways, just as you would with your best friend.



15. Fatigue and exhaustion is something normal for them.

Since they absorb a lot of energy from others, they do not just deal with their own emotional and mental fatigue, they treat everybody’s fatigue.

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