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7 Signs That You Are Experiencing Light Body/Merkaba Activation

Have you ever heard of the activation of the Merkaba?

The Merkaba (or Merkavah) is a Hebrew term meaning chariot or zodiac (from the root R-K-B meaning overlap). It is one of the oldest themes of Jewish mysticism. It is for the mystic to access the contemplation of this heavenly throne.

The Merkaba (body of light) is a state in which you are totally conscious. When your spiritual field is filled with an immense amount of love, abundant light begins to fuel your soul and you know what’s going on.

That means awakening your Merkaba, giving you the opportunity to unlock the 4th and 5th dimension of your physical and spiritual form.

Here are some signs of activation of the Merkaba:



1. Isolation:

This is a very common sign of the Merkaba. You will no longer need the company of people, be they, acquaintances or relatives. Even when you are with people, you will feel like you’re alone. This happens because the Merkaba creates new links that are good for you.



2. Sleep:

You will observe a significant change in your sleep patterns. You will wake up suddenly and start crying for nothing. This happens because your body spends a lot of energy to create the body of light. In addition, you will have strange nightmares. They may be so lively that they will seem almost real to you.



3. The impression of floating:

Yes, during the Merkaba, you will have the feeling of floating. You will feel pulled by an inexplicable force to the sky and you will feel very light. It can also give you the impression of being trapped between two worlds.



4. Intense physical pain:

You will have to endure intense physical pain that may be chronic or persistent. This pain is inevitable if you think about it in terms of DNA; because when the body of light is formed, many changes occur at the genetic level, giving rise to intense and excruciating physical pain.

You may feel that this pain kills you but in truth, it frees you by freeing you from the disease and even slowing down the aging process!



5. Consciousness:

You could end up talking to your inner consciousness. At first, you may feel uncomfortable talking to your inner consciousness, but this discomfort will slowly disappear and you will feel that your inner consciousness is, in fact, your long-lost friend. It will be an incredible experience when you can speak freely to your inner consciousness!



6. Sadness:

Sadness will be part of your daily life. Most of the time you will not even know why you are sad but the sadness will haunt you and will not let you go. It is because you dissolve the past; all the accumulation of sadness will first disappear, then you will feel free and happy to lead your life. It’s just a phase, it will end up happening.



7. Difficult time at work:

You will have a hard time doing your job and not because of external problems, but because you will begin to feel the futility of all this internally. You will feel that the work is unsatisfactory and that you do not need it to lead a happy life. You will realize how important it is to do something you really love rather than doing something for money or for celebrity.

Pay attention to the signs around you and the changes you are going through. This may not be what you think. Do not take them for something else. It is likely that you are experiencing the activation of the Merkaba if you experience a combination of the symptoms listed above.

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