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10 Objects that Attract Negative Energy to Your Home

Human beings have a tendency to accumulate objects, whether decorative or for personal use. Did you know that there are some objects that can attract negative energy to your house?

Today we take a look at 10 objects that you must discard or recycle in your home in order to remove the negative energy.



1. Used clothes in the closet:

People and places have their own energy. Clothes absorb our personal energy and the energies of the environment. When passing through a place, we can bring bad energy to our clothes.

So, when you come in from a day at work or a walk, don’t put your clothes in the closet right away. When you’re not washing them, leave your clothes exposed to the Sun or wind, before putting them in the closet.



2. Dried or artificial flowers and leaves:

Having wilted flowers and dried leaves inside does not attract good energy to the environment. Artificial flowers interfere with the fluidity of vibrations, which disturbs the energy balance of the places.

There are also fresh flowers that are not recommended to be kept indoors like clove, which is known to attract bad energy. There is no problem with growing clove in gardens.



3. Old furniture:

Furniture that has already had other previous owners can bring absorbed energy. So, if you are going to get some donated furniture, or buy at thrift stores, don’t rush.

It is necessary to investigate who this piece of furniture once belonged to.

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4. Inverted broom:

Putting the brooms with the bristles up can attract bad energy to your home. Be careful when storing them, or even when washing the broom, don’t put them in this position.

It won’t be bad if the brooms stay like this for a certain time, while drying for example, but watch out and turn it to the normal position, with the bristles down, once it dries.



5. Mirrors in poor condition:

Broken or stained mirrors do not attract good energy to places. They become energy accumulators when they are damaged, especially bad energies. Try to keep your mirrors clean and preserved.

It is not advisable to move mirrors to different rooms in your house. If you take a mirror from the bedroom to the living room, the energy from one environment will circulate in the other, which is not a good thing. Placing a mirror facing your bed is also not a good option.



6. Objects from someone you don’t like:

Relationships between people also involve the exchange of energies. If you have an object in your home from someone you don’t like, or from someone you have broken relationships with, it is best to get rid of it.

If you don’t want to throw this item in the trash, you can donate it to someone or some charity. When you pass it on to someone who is not involved, these bad energies will be canceled.



7. Plants with thorns or cactuses:

Although cactus is the passion of many people as a decorative item, they do not possess suitable energy. Thorny plants attract stress and nervousness to the residents of the house.

Therefore, if you choose to have cactus or thorny flowers at home, have them in outdoor environments.

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8. Open scissors:

Scissors help to attract bad energy, as do all sharp objects. The ideal is to keep them with the ends closed and down.

Other sharp objects such as knives, staple removers, stilettos, and others, accumulate and dissipate negative energies. Therefore, always leave them face down in a drawer preferably.



9. Rusty or broken machines:

If you have a poorly maintained machine, it is better to get rid of it it. Rust accumulates energies and can attract negative vibrations.

Damaged objects interfere with the fluidity of energies. So, as much as you are attached to some old object, the best thing to do is to get it out of your home.



10. Photos of dead people:

Having photos of people who have passed away and are special to you has no problem. You should only avoid keeping photos that bring you bad memories, melancholy, or anguish.

These types of photos attract bad energies for you. Insisting on a feeling that is not good for you is a form of self-destruction. Also try to let go of photos of people who have gone through your life, but have no meaning at the moment, such as ex-boyfriends or ex-friends.

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The importance of letting go:

According to Chinese Feng Shui culture, everything that belongs to our physical world has vital energy that is called “Chi”. This refers to all objects, decorative items, furniture, appliances, walls, plants, and photos. Therefore, we must always evaluate which items will transmit good energy to us and which will not.

Feng Shui seeks to make the best use of the energy flow of places. Harmonious environments bring us a feeling of well-being and peace of mind. Therefore, it is very important to be able to detach objects from your home.

Well-organized and well-lit places are conducive for energies to flow freely. The flow depends on the objects that are in the way. When the energy flows harmoniously, it nourishes the spaces and inhabitants.

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