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Do You Have These 5 Signs of a Powerful Lightworker?

Lightworkers are people who volunteer to help the planet heal from all forms of fear, as they see themselves as capable of providing elusive energy for healing.

They feel that they have been mystically awakened to heal the world. Have your colleagues ever described your heart as pure? Do you feel warm and loving? Do you still feel that you can solve the environmental and social problems that this world faces? Do you have to teach and advise people about your experience?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you must have been a lightworker without knowing it. Here are other signs you may have:



1. You want to help other people.

Lightworkers feel called to heal the world. It does not mean the “light healing” we know, but the actual healing of physical problems on the planet like war, poverty, and hunger.




2. You value all life.

Do You Have These 5 Signs of a Powerful Lightworker


Normal living habits like eating meat can be disgusting because it is, in fact, animal abuse in the eyes of a lightworker who considers all life to be precious and deserves our respect.

Protecting life on earth is usually your main role.

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3. You are rebellious.

You always oppose those who hold authority like government and culture because you view them with suspicion.

Although culture can sometimes be a source of destruction, the lightworkers have the impression of being the strange people in society.




4. You feel connected to the universe.

Do You Have These 5 Signs of a Powerful Lightworker

As a lightworker, you don’t feel like you are part of your people like the way you feel when you look at the sky. The cosmos is your source of happiness and peace, especially at night when you admire the universe around you.

You realize that the reason for your existence on earth is to promote a better life.

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5. You feel it’s normal to be in solitude.

You want to be isolated because it is easy to analyze and respond to the moods of your environment.


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