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12 Signs Other People Have Too Much Control Over Your Life

Sometimes we rely more on others than on ourselves. Even if you may not realize it, you could be giving the people closest to you more power in your life than you should be. If you feel stuck or your life is no longer yours, you may be giving them too much power.

If you don’t live the life you want to live, then something has to change. Whether you let other people’s words go too deep or you literally let someone else tell you what to do, taking control is your best option. The faster you regain control, the faster you are on the right track to becoming who YOU want to be.

Below, we will review some of the signs that you may be allowing others to control you more than you should. Of course, a little advice here and there is good, but no one should direct your life except YOU. Giving your power can be overwhelming and shouldn’t happen.

12 signs that others have too much power over your life:

12 Signs Other People Have Too Much Control Over Your Own Life 2


1. You can’t say no to some people:

If you are someone who has a hard time saying no to loved ones, then you are certainly letting others have more power over you than they should. You shouldn’t be doing anything you really didn’t want to do.

Sure, the occasional favor is fine, but don’t wait on someone hand and foot knowing they wouldn’t do the same for you.



2. You don’t frequently stand your ground:

If you are not the type of person to defend yourself or let someone know when he has upset you, you are giving them too much power. You allow them to walk on you. It is NOT OK.



3. You let others cross your boundaries or you have no boundaries at all:

If you are someone who lets people do what they want, something has to change. You are not a doormat and your boundaries must be respected. Do not allow people to make you feel less.



4. You don’t cut ties with toxic people:

If you allow toxic people to be rampant in your life, you are empowering them. The more they are present, the more power they have. Toxic people should be treated as soon as possible, no matter what.



5. You stay in negativity:

If you are the type of person obsessed with negativity, you have to stop. Focus on the positive and stop letting other people’s harsh words control you. You don’t have to take everything to heart.

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6. You work hard to impress others:

You shouldn’t try to please everyone. In this life, making sure YOU are happy is the only thing that matters. Live your life for YOURSELF, you can’t impress everyone.



7. When you feel guilty you give in all the time:

If you are the type of person who always gives in to these guilt trips that other people pull, you need to find your footing. Nine times out of ten in these situations, you have nothing to feel guilty about anyway.

Stop letting others get you to do what they want you to do. No means no.



8. You always complain about feeling like a child:

If you feel like others are treating you like a child and walking on you, make the changes you need to make. Stop letting other people control you. Complaining won’t get you anywhere, action is necessary.



9. You believe everything people say even when they’re lying:

If you take everything that others tell you to heart, you will feel very broken. Don’t let the words of others dominate you. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s true.



10. You are too willing to give up your dreams:

If you always delay your dreams and goals to achieve the dreams and goals of others, things have to change. Take matters into your own hands and start focusing on yourself. You only live once, make it count.



11. You don’t realize your worth:

If you don’t realize how amazing you are, neither will the others. You need to know how wonderful you are so that the world can appreciate you more. Knowing your worth is extremely important, don’t let anyone speak to you.

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12. You allow others to bring the worst in you:

If you allow others to bring out the worst in you, you let them win. Focus on the positive regardless of the situation. If someone brings you down, cut the ties. They deserve no explanation, so you don’t owe them anything.



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  1. Gowri Ramaswamy

    I have been through all of this before marriage & afterwards as well till now but this words resonated with my heart and soul as I am feeling so downtrodden,hit rock bottom in my life.

    Thanks,have been reading your articles which helps me tocope with the depression with my spouse and 2 adult kids.

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