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12 Spiritual Obstacles You will Face and How to Overcome Them

These are 12 ways we keep ourselves from growing spiritually. Fortunately, we can usually let it all go away once we realize they are there.



1. We must not limit ourselves:

There are no limits to this life. When we come across something that seems to be beyond us, this wall is usually built by us. Take it down!




2. We aren’t defined by our jobs:

Nothing makes us lose touch with our true nature like our association of ourselves with our money-making endeavors.




3. We should not be self-critical:

There is often no one more critical of you than YOU. While they are generally well-intentioned, there are better ways to improve.




4. Release the anxiety:

We often suffer from fear-based anxiety. What is unfamiliar or unknown should produce elation rather than fear.




5. Don’t take things personally:

The harm we feel from someone else’s words or actions is self-inflicted. Instead, we would do better if we stay balanced, focused and find humor in ourselves!

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6. Don’t feel guilty:

It is a typical feeling that is useless. If you’ve done something that needs forgiveness, then seek it. But if you live in your truth, forget it!




7. Don’t procrastinate:

If there is an important task at hand, take the time to do it thoroughly. When we delay it, we risk cutting corners to finish it.




8. Be cautious of your social circle:

It is too easy to be influenced by the negativity of others. You can leave someone behind who makes you feel like that.




9. Don’t seek others’ approval:

Instead of seeking the approval of others, seek your own self-esteem. If you do that, approval will come, only in this way will it be healthy rather than seeking attention.




10. Let go of the past:

Rather live the present! Remembering negative things from our past only limits us today.




11. Don’t be attached:

The roots of suffering lie in the attachment to the things of this world, according to Buddhism. An unhealthy attachment to things, ideas, people and illusions holds us back. See if you can let it go!

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12. Abandon distracting activities:

In this world, it is so easy to get distracted, and most of the things that distract us are completely useless to functional existence. It is one thing to have fun, but another to have too much fun.



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