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5 Things You Should Avoid Doing During a Spiritual Awakening

According to the people, spiritual awakening can have a different meaning. For some, it means more trust in their instinct and intuition, and for others, it’s something much deeper, they start to see beyond the physical limits of reality and focus on connecting to Higher Self, at the Source and have a better understanding of themselves.

But along the path to enlightenment, inner peace or whatever you wish to accomplish, you may get lost on the way and that’s perfectly normal, but here are 5 things you should avoid doing a spiritual awakening:


5 Things You Should Avoid Doing During a Spiritual Awakening:


1. Judging yourself too hard.

Along the path to enlightenment, you might start judging yourself too hard. Even though self-awareness is an important part of spirituality, you must learn to look at yourself as an attentive observer and not to judge what you can hear or see. Learn how to let go of these man-made judgments and the preconceptions of who and what you should be.

Your spiritual journey should not be about perfection, rather learn to accept your imperfections because it is they who make you the person you are. 

Do not believe what someone else is saying about spirituality, it’s your own personal journey, and you’re the only one who knows how you should go about it.



2. Not expressing your emotions.

During our spiritual journey, we often mistakenly think that we must strive not to let our emotions take control over us, instead of becoming the watchful observer of our thoughts and feelings.

But if you do not pay attention to your emotions, you will have to do it later, and they will be stronger if you repress them for a while.

Say what you think, express how you feel. Do not apologize and feel no remorse. We are all human and therefore have a broad spectrum of emotions. To feel alive, we must manage what we feel now and not suppress our emotions simply because we do not want to overcome them.



3. Feel remorse for how you live your life.

When you begin to deepen your spiritual awakening, you may notice that your ideals and morals have changed a little. 

You may disagree with some people in your life because they are so used to the person you were before, that you do not really know how to treat the “new” you. Of course, it’s natural because people change and discover what makes them happy.

Perhaps in your spiritual journey, you have found that you want to simplify your life and get closer to nature, or whatever you call the center of your spirituality. If it makes your heart happy, you have to follow it, no matter what others may think.

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4. Comparing yourself to others.

If you compare yourself to others, either you will be disappointed or it will inflate your ego. None of these things will help you in your spiritual journey, they will only prevent you from moving forward.

Your spiritual journey is very personal and truly unique to you. So, it is both imprudent and irrational to compare yourself to others, because you have to do things at your own pace, not others.

Just be sure to focus on your own life and do what you need to feel good about yourself.



5. Staying stuck in the past or the future.

A common aspect of spirituality is to focus on mindfulness or to be fully aware of the present moment. But it is impossible to do it if we remain anchored in the past or the future.

If we focus too much on moments that have already taken place or are not yet there, we disrupt our inner peace. To find inner peace, it is essential to let go and accept the present. A big part of spirituality is following the movement and not trying to control your environment.

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