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12 Warning Signs that You may be a Victim of Psychic Vampires

The psychic vampires are not something you hear much about but they are present in the lives of each of us and often ourselves, through our attitudes, we behave as such.

Psychic vampires feed on our vital energy and suck up the heat from our aura.

Relating to psychic vampires can be quite complicated as many don’t even realize what they are and therefore taking care of them is not always as easy as we would like.

Below you will find 12 signs that tell you if you are dealing with psychic vampires in your life or not.

If these signs are present in your daily life you should:

  • start isolating the psychic vampire
  • work to cut ties in the best possible way
  • strengthen your energy field
  • understand the way you lose energy

12 Signs that You Are a Victim of Psychic Vampires:



1. You often meet people who pull you down.

People are constantly trying to break you down and you allow it.



2. You are often irritable apparently without reason.

You find yourself rather frustrated and irritated without many reasons. You can’t keep calm.



3. People come to you when they need something but are not there when you need them.



4. You can’t tell if you are being exploited.

It is right to give without requiring anything in return but to give is an account, another account is to surrender. When you give gifts there is an exchange of energy, when you give up there is a loss of energy.

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5. Even after a long sleep, you are still too tired.

You may sleep a lot but still feel tired and exhausted.



6. Even small tasks become exhausting.

You feel so drained that even the small things take away a lot of energy as if you were in constant reserve.



7. You emphasize your “personal drama”.

When you lose energy it is because you are emphasizing your personal drama.



8. You feel a strange connection with people who turn out to be psychic vampires.

Your low energy level attracts them to you. You feel attracted to them as if they need you. That said, they don’t need you. You have to get away from them, which is something you have to work on.



9. You ignore or deny your needs.

When you ignore your needs, you give psychic vampires a better chance of reaching you. Remember, you can make others feel good ONLY when you will be able to feel good about yourself. The opposite is not true.



10. You offer too much of your time.

If you are attacked by a psychic vampire, you are probably giving up too much of your time. Most likely you are doing things for people who do not deserve this and who take advantage of you. Victims of psychic vampires often find it difficult to say no.

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11. The air becomes thick and you feel like something is weighing you down.

When the psychic vampires are around you will feel like there is a negativity that weighs you down.



12. You often have a headache.

Psychic vampires influence us energetically and this can create tension in our bodies. This tension will manifest itself many times in the form of a headache.


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The Psychic Self Defense Strategy

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