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How to Protect Yourself from Psychic Attacks if You Are an Empath

The empaths are spiritually related to the cosmic realm and are particularly sensitive beings, which makes them truly special. But they are threatened by attacks of psychic energy, by those who want to harm them and by those who possess negative energy.

To protect themselves, empaths must do the following:



Connect with your emotions.

By nature, empaths are much more in touch with the emotions of others than theirs. To protect themselves from evil, empaths must first become one with their emotions and energies.

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Stay mentally and physically healthy.

It is important for an empath to stay mentally and physically healthy to protect themselves. A balanced diet and monitoring of energy expenditure will do them good. In addition, they may feel more comfortable in the spiritual realm, but they should keep their house tidy and clean to keep a sense of calm.



Take care of your energies.

Stay away from those who harbor negative energies, also known as energetic vampires. They think only of themselves and aspire the energy of others. Empaths must realize that even if they feel the emotions of everyone, it is not their duty to satisfy them.



Clean your living space.

It is extremely important to keep the living space away from all the negative and malevolent energies that empaths encounter daily. Aromatherapy and crystal cleansing are effective ways to get rid of the negative energies of the places where you spend the most time. Sage and salts are very effective in cleaning the home atmosphere and making it healthy.

More importantly, empath or not, everyone should apply these techniques to protect their family and household from negative energy. The house is where we spend the most time, where we raise our children and where we rest. It is essential to keep this space clean.

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