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15 Great Tips for Empathic and Hypersensitive People

Empathy is a valuable faculty that allows you to read and understand people’s energy. This faculty can be genetic, it can be transmitted from generation to generation. You can share this faculty with a parent, so look at your family tree: Is there anyone else who seems to fit the description?

Empathic people can examine another person’s energy through thoughts, feelings, and possibly past, present, and future events. Most empathics do not know how it really works and have accepted that they are sensitive to other people’s energy.

The ability to correctly and to some extent perceive the mirror of another person’s energy is a challenge. This gift allows us to orient ourselves in life with an added perception. You must be selective and able to adapt, otherwise, you will be easily overwhelmed.


15 Great Tips for Empathic and Hypersensitive People:



1. Allow time for yourself.

Spending time alone creates the space needed to evacuate emotion, energy, and stress.


2. Positive Affirmations.

It is the short messages that form the way of thinking. An example: “Let me receive what I deserve better right now. ”


3. Protection.

Put up a shield of white light around you and put yourself in a bubble, do not forget to make a rope connected to the ground not to float!


4. Balancing and cleaning the chakra.

Regular cleaning of the chakras frees your energy field from negative or unwanted energy. Rebalance them by providing energy that will create harmonization and balance.


5. Centering.

Align with the spirit and get out of the ego. Try to live in the moment and no matter what emotion happens, express and release it.


6. Crystals.

Some people find that crystals and gems help clean up negative energy and maintain balance. Choose yours by trying several different stones, paying attention to how you feel with each of them.


7. Aromatherapy.

Essential oils can improve well-being. Choose one that improves or calms your mood.


8. I’m sorry.

Forgiving others and forgiving oneself is one of the most powerful tools you have. It will clean your energy and increase your vibratory rate.


9. Grounding.

We have a rope in the root chakra that connects us to the earth. Being aware of this and using this rope to send both the negative energy into the earth where it is absorbed, and to draw nourishing energy from the center of the earth, will increase your energy flow.


10. Meditation.

It soothes the mind so that you can center yourself, be present, and listen to your inner voice.


11. Soothing sounds.

Relax using music or the sounds of nature.


12. Animals and nature.

Being in nature or spending time with our pets is a great way to relax, clean the energy and connect.


13. Smoke.

Native Americans have been doing this for years and have excellent results. Burning sage while indicating its intention is a good method for energy cleaning. You can also do it with incense.


14. Yoga.

Yoga is effective because it combines breathing, centering and grounding. A wonderful way to increase vibratory energy.


15. Recognition and log of intentions.

At the end of the day, write a list of things for which you are thankful and then indicate an intention to work on and maintaining a steady flow of energy.

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    This might sound weird and this is The first time talking about it, how do you make it go away or not as much? Its very stressful I can’t explain

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