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7 Signs that you May Have Psychic Abilities

Have you ever wondered if you could be psychic? Most people have at least some psychic abilities, but in some people, these abilities are quite strong. There are obvious signs that you can be psychic, like an impression of déjà vu and strange visions and dreams. On the other hand, there are also less obvious signs of psychic ability that you might not recognize.

Here are 7 signs that you may have psychic abilities:


1. You know what people are talking about even when they speak a language you do not know.

You may have been on the train or in the restaurant and surprised by people speaking a language you did not know. If you had a general idea of ​​what they were saying, it might indicate that you were taking note of it. You may also have had dreams in a language you did not know.

If you are psychic, it is also possible to understand intuitively what animals or babies want, even those with whom you are not familiar.



2. You are often in the right place at the right time.

Another sign that you may be psychic is that you often manage to be in the right place at the right time and that you usually avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You may have had a strong urge to return home and arrive just in time to avoid a disaster. Otherwise, you decide to take a different route from the workplace, and it turned out that you avoided an accident or a traffic jam.

You may still be able to find a parking space even in places where it is almost impossible to find one. You may have experienced a trip cancellation by train and it turned out that the train you planned to take had an accident along the way.

Maybe one day, for no apparent reason, you decided to go to a cafe. It turns out that you got there at the same time as a long-lost friend. Or maybe you made an impulse purchase and it turned out that you really needed what you bought a few days earlier.

Everybody has such experiences from time to time, but if you have them frequently, it could be a sign that you are psychic.



3. You feel sudden feelings of sadness or grief for no apparent reason.

Another sign also comes from feeling sudden and unexplained feelings of sadness or sorrow that are invading you. This is especially true if you later discover that something has happened to someone you know, at the same time that these feelings have occurred. You can feel these feelings when someone who is dear to you has problems for any reason.

In the same way, you could experience it for physical illness in the form of headaches or stomach upset.

These feelings can also take the form of visions, which can be symbolic rather than literal. For example, you may have an image of a dark cloud hanging over someone or dreaming of someone you have not thought of for years. You may learn later that they had a health problem when you dreamed of it.



4. You are good at card games.

If you like playing cards and you usually win, it could just be a sign of skill in the cards. This is especially true if you often seem to know which card will be played or if you meet it in advance. You may find that no one will play with you because you always win.

You can always know what will happen when you watch your favorite sporting event. For example, you can know who will score before. If your predictions are still accurate, it could be a sign of psychic ability.

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5. You just seem to “know” things.

You may just seem to “know” things without any reason to know them. For example, if someone talks to you about something, you can immediately feel if it’s a good idea or a bad idea. You might even have a strong, sudden feeling of “NO!” It may be something you really do not know.

In conversation, you could end up talking intelligently about a subject that is totally unknown to you. Maybe every time the phone rings, you know who it is before you even have a look at your phone.

When you meet someone for the first time, you may have strong positive or negative feelings about them even before you have the opportunity to start getting to know them. If you are psychic, these feelings can be accurate.



6. Social events exhaust you.

If you are psychic, you may find that events with a large crowd are very tiring, to the point that you will need a nap afterward. You may have to spend a lot of energy to protect yourself and stay out of the reach of others’ thoughts and emotions.

You may have particular problems if you find yourself in a situation of conflict or intense emotion. Sometimes the feeling can be so intense that you become physically unable to stay in the room.

It is also possible that you completely avoid crowd events without really knowing why. You may feel that something is wrong because you do not like parties or events. There may be no problem with you, but you are more likely to have psychic abilities.



7. You see auras around people.

Looking at people, do you sometimes see a halo around them? You can also see light around some people and dark shadows around others. What you saw were auras.

It may not be a sight in the sense of “seeing” with your physical eyes. This can happen when you close your eyes and think of someone. If this happens often, you may be psychic.

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