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20 of the Most Common Complaints that Lower your Vibrations

To have a good life, we must be aware of the language we decide to use. The law of attraction tells us so and it is based on the principle that you attract what you think most of the time. Your words are indeed a reflection of your thoughts, and what you say can strongly influence what the law of attraction brings to you.

And of course, complaining continuously also hinders our ability to be happy and productive. It encloses us in the same energy that we complain about.

Complaints are the result of thinking about undesirable consequences. When we complain, we send a message that we are very focused on what we do not want.

Because of this high concentration, the law of attraction gives our reality more reasons to complain in our daily lives.

In other words, complaints take a turn with weak pre-defined vibrations and further degrade them; they “accentuate” the negative thinking because now not only are you thinking about the problem, but you are also constantly coming back on it again and again in conversations.

Although all complaints negatively affect your vibrations, there are some complaints that are so commonplace that, for many of us, they have become a kind of daily negative refrain.

Unfortunately, repeatedly complaining about the same thing pushes us to experience it again and again! It becomes an endless cycle; we complain, and the universe gives us more reasons to complain, and then we complain again.
Fortunately, if we stop complaining, then the cycle can be broken.

Here are some of these common complaints in today’s society. These complaints are so common that we tend to repeat them all the time, so it’s especially important to avoid talking about them (even if they’re true!)

Here are 20 common complaints that lower your vibrations:

  1. I have a headache/migraine.
  2. My stomach hurts.
  3. I’m hungry.
  4. I hate my job.
  5. This weather sucks.
  6. Traffic was awful/I was stuck in traffic.
  7. I’m stressed.
  8. People have no manners today.
  9. Chivalry is dead.
  10. All the good men are taken.
  11. I’m sick/I don’t feel good.
  12. She is such a b****.
  13. My boss is a jerk.
  14. I’m so fat/bloated.
  15. Men are jerks.
  16. I hate him/her.
  17. Kids these days are so ______.
  18. I’m tired/exhausted/I didn’t get enough sleep.
  19. It’s too hot/too cold/I’m freezing.
  20. My ______ hurts.


Again, while all complaints lower your vibrations, the most common complaints can be particularly dangerous. Since we often hear these complaints from others, they can easily get out of our mouths and become habits. We will even sometimes use them to start conversations simply because we are bored. 

The more we complain about something, the more the law of attraction will present us with this problem of which we complain. Therefore, raising your vibrations and using the law of attraction effectively makes you wisely avoid these complaints.

It is not because we are sick, hungry or stressed that we have to tell everyone we meet. Especially since it is useless to repeat these sentences all day long in our head. It would be better to see a doctor, eat something, or take a day off and keep going. There is a problem, and there is what needs to be done to solve this problem. There is no need to complain. Either you accept it or you act.

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By choosing not to complain about our problems, we send a message to the universe in the hope that they will be resolved. With hope comes the manifestation, so by demonstrating to the universe that we expect our problems to be insignificant and easy to resolve, they will become so!

For reality to manifest itself the way we want it, we need to tell our story of how we want it to be. If what you say does not fit the way you want things to be, you can choose to stop talking about it. Just tell people the right things. When you tell a better story you will have a better life.

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