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8 Challenges that Indigo Adults experience at Work

The indigo work is creative and inspired, it is an engine of innovation. Indigos thrive in environments that provide a good level of autonomy and creativity.

The natural empathy of indigos makes them able to understand and anticipate customer needs and market developments. In short, this is exactly what businesses need today because companies should first be there to serve people. Indigos should, therefore, be considered stars and end up in conditions that allow them to flourish through their natural qualities while positively transforming business and the economy.

Unfortunately, companies are in most cases repressive environments and pursue ends exclusively related to profit and not to “why” principles. This means that an Indigo must work at fixed and rigid schedules (9 am-5pm), respond to hierarchies/oligarchies and rigid structures.


There are 8 challenges that all Indigos face in their professional lives:


1. Repulsion towards conventions and procedures.

Intuitive and sensitive, you see the general picture, you have a global perspective. The little details annoy you. So doing something only because there is a formality to respect is for you a source of infinite frustration.



2. Astonishing ability to start something new, but the opposite if it is to continue it.

You quickly understand the general principles that govern systems: it means that you tend to impress others and attract the jealousy of your superiors, colleagues, and collaborators because of your natural ability to understand the reasons and dynamics of work, and even if it’s only been a week since you joined the team.

The worry is that you lose momentum as soon as the routines of daily activity begin to take you away… The fact that you have quickly understood the concepts and principles behind a certain work or project does not mean that it will continue to interest you in time; on the contrary, you tend to lose interest in things you already know,



3. Need autonomy but also structure (non-hierarchical).

You are an expert when it comes to solving problems creatively. You like to investigate, imagine, discuss, and share creative solutions to problems, and you do not like being limited and forced to follow traditional methods of doing things.

That said, you like having some type of structure where you can collaborate with other inspired people to achieve results that make sense to you; it is then that you give the maximum and develop your potential at work.

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4. A constant need for new challenges.

You flourish and grow if you have the opportunity to evolve by challenging yourself and overcoming obstacles through your creativity. When you find a job that allows you to confront a constant stream of new challenges, you are inspired and motivated.

When you find yourself stuck in a static environment that, day after day, does not change, does not allow any innovation, does not allow you to express yourself, in short as in most traditional companies, for you, it is unbearable.

You lose all your energy, you feel like you’re dying, you want to run away. And the more you have to repeat tasks without meaning, the more your despair increases.



5. Repulsion for jokes and manipulations.

Jokes, office rumors, meaningless little speeches, small manipulations (and big!) Are for you a torture. Lowering the level of your conversation and thinking about such a low level is unbearable and too stupid for you.



6. Want to change any rule that does not make sense.

If you do not see any reason to do what you are asked to do, you really have trouble applying to it. You quickly understand how a system could be improved, so you are quickly frustrated if you are forced to follow ineffective and unjustified guidelines.

You could then try to avoid conflict by isolating yourself and losing confidence in yourself, or on the contrary, you could have a lot of discussions with your hierarchy…



7. A trend to be overloaded.

You like new challenges and new opportunities. You have a bigger appetite than your stomach, both in your private life and at work. You tend to participate in a thousand different projects, and then you realize that you work more than any other person in your office and that your schedule is not sustainable. You do not understand where all this work comes from…

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8. Incredible desire to move forward and explore new options.

You are aware of the opportunities that surround you. You already have in mind the many directions in which you could progress even before you have started a new activity.

Chances are you do not have the patience to pursue a “traditional career”. You tend to change your career and your employer, to explore a thousand different things and you might think of becoming an entrepreneur…


I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I liked to write it and that it helped you to learn a little more about yourself.

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