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8 Things that Happen When You Are Separated from Your Soulmate

Sometimes in life, we don’t end up with the person we want to be with. Your soul mate is not always someone you spend your whole life with and it is a reality that most people refuse to understand.

If you’ve ever been with a soul mate, you know how different they are from others. Relationships with soul mates have unparalleled energy, and they are literally inexplicable. You feel a connection that is much deeper than any connection that you have felt before.

However, sometimes soul mates meet at the wrong time if the timing is wrong, even if just at one end the two are forced to separate. Separating is painful and devastating, but it’s something that those who face it can get through. Something to remember is that if things don’t work in this life, the next life may be different.

Below is a list of things that will become true for you if you are forced to separate from your soul mate. These things happen to everyone who is forced to move away from a connection of this magnitude. Although it can be quite upsetting, remember that everything happens for a reason.

8 things that happen when you and your soul mate are forced to separate:



1. You change and become a different person:

When we go through things like that, we change inside and out. It could be a small change or a big change. Some of us literally transform into different people.

The sorrow of this stature leaves no one unphased.




2. Your idea of love changes:

You get a new perspective on love and you realize that it was not what you thought it was and that it is no longer achievable at this level.

You really learn more than you ever thought possible regarding the heart.




3. It hurts you a lot:

The grief of this stature is painful. Losing someone with whom you had a deep connection is extremely upsetting and can leave you stranded for a long time.

Don’t worry too much, your heart will eventually recover.




4. You become strangers to each other:

When you have to let go of a soul mate, you have to let go of them entirely. There is no “we can just be friends”.

Relationships between soul mates can never be reduced to that, it’s all or nothing.

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5. You feel like a ghost:

By continuing, you will have the impression of moving and not really living. Things will feel like this for a while, but in the end, you will overcome them.

You will return to normal but it takes time.




6. You will still find love, but it’ll feel different:

Finally, you will find someone you love again and while it will no longer be the same, it will always be magic. Being with someone who isn’t your soul mate is possible and can work well, it’s not as deep of a connection.

It can’t be compared to what you previously had at least in terms of energy.




7. You will always think of your soulmate:

Your soul mate will cross your mind sometimes even years after your separation. You will think of them and it will sting a little more. You may even find yourself crying in the bathtub while listening to sad music from time to time.

This is normal and you should not be ashamed of your vulnerability. The wound that comes with the end of things with a soul mate is one that doesn’t close completely.




8. You move on:

You go on with your life and as mentioned above, find someone else to give your love, but you are different. You become someone who has adapted to do no more harm this way. While it may sound a bit melancholy, it’s not as “down and out” as it sounds.

There is nothing wrong with moving forward and living your life when you need to, sometimes letting go is the best option.

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