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5 Types of Synchronistic Connections that You Will Make in Your Life

Do you think everything happens for a reason? You could say that for each person you meet, this meeting serves a more important purpose. Think of all the people you met and will meet on your life. People from different cultures and backgrounds, with different personalities, talents, and stories.

Each of these people has served a different purpose in your life. They may have brought you joy or shown you kindness when you needed it most, they may have opened your eyes to something new or different, or they may have taught you a lesson that will stay with you for years to come.

You will probably never know the exact goal of each encounter, but chances are there is something more meaningful at stake.

Here are the five types of synchronous connections that you will probably make in your life:



1. With people who awaken you:

Not everyone you meet will result in a lifetime connection. But even knowing someone for a short time can change you.

Those who awaken you stop to remind you of your dreams and goals. They invite you to stay focused and pursue whatever you are passionate about. This person could enter your life when you are ready to give up.




2. With people who remind you:

From time to time, we may move away from the right path. There are people who come into our lives to keep us on the right path to happiness and success.

They may not stay long, but these people often leave a long-lasting impression. They remind us of what is important.

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3. With people who give you the push to grow:

There are certain people who come into your life to help you learn and grow. It can be a teacher, a counselor, a spiritual counselor, or just a friend.

These people will help you in your struggles and teach you things that you have not been able to see for yourself.




4. With people who hold space:

You might meet people who hold space in a cafe, on the bus, or in the line waiting. These are the people you’re chatting with, but you never chase the connection.

The little time you spend with them may seem insignificant, but years after you meet, you may suddenly remember a name, a face, or a lesson that stayed with you.




5. With people who stay:

5 Types of Synchronistic Connections that You Will Make in Your Life

Last but not least, there are people who stay. These are the people you meet with whom you form a lasting relationship. These are the most precious people you will meet.

They lift you when you fall, they congratulate you on your success and they are always there to help you grow. These special connections will leave the greatest impact on your life.

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