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Do You Suffer from the Disease of the Healers?

Being a healer is a beautiful thing, but it leaves you vulnerable to some diseases.

The disease of healers affects almost all healers at one time or another, but it is often something they are able to get rid of.

If you are a natural healer or heal for a living, here is all you need to know about the healers’ disease:


Risk factors

Healers:  They are the ones who are compassionate, loving, gentle and sensitive to feelings and emotions. They have a way of listening, of giving their time and offering valuable support solutions, no matter the problem. Healers are often the reference of people when their life is out of order or when they are in turmoil. Natural healers are often quick to let go of what they do to help you.



Their characteristics:

  • Put the needs of all others before yours.
  • A need to heal others to feel validated.
  • An ability to recognize the need to heal in others but not in oneself.
  • Feel the need to reduce or minimize your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and talents to make your surroundings happy or comfortable.
  • The need to always give more – whether it’s your time, your money or your attention.
  • Risking your own health to satisfy someone else.
  • Feeling unappreciated, enjoying yourself, or being manipulated.
  • Attract people in your life who only seem to talk to you when they need you.
  • Constantly find yourself excusing, forgiving and tolerating the bad behavior of your loved ones.




A healer is still responsible for the manifestation of the disease of the healers, however, here is how it usually happens:

  1. The healer begins to recognize that he has gifts in terms of healing, whether it is giving good advice, making a herbal remedy or using energy healing.
  2. The healer then begins to heal others, is satisfied with the results, and receives praise for his work.
  3. The healer begins to feel validated for his abilities and goes in search of more people to “validate” him.
  4. The healer feels relieved by helping others and continues to give back and forth without waiting for anything.
  5. The healer continues on this path, failing to create limits, and ends up feeling exhausted.
  6. The healer does not know how to stop giving and to create friendships, relationships, or even lead a life without helping others.
  7. The healer tries to set boundaries, but often experiences aggression or retaliation from some people.
  8. The healer often ends up exhausted, drained or even depressed.



Side effects:

  • Feeling drained, exhausted or low in energy.
  • Feeling frustrated, annoyed or angry.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Inability to trust natural healing abilities.
  • Feeling stuck or unable to move forward.
  • Feeling underrated or unloved.
  • Feeling too sensitive or very emotional.
  • Feeling unsupported or unmotivated.
  • Attracting energy suckers or energetic vampires.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Healing for “bad” reasons.




1. Renounce healing as a form of validation

When you have a natural talent or a gift for something, it can be easy to use as a form of validation. This means that you use it as a way to improve your self-esteem or your image in order to feel important or dignified.

There is, of course, a need to be a healer, but your work should not be a way to validate yourself with others.

This gift usually manifests itself when you head for relationships or friendships where your main purpose is to “save” them.

If you find yourself in a trap, the good news is that you can easily get away with using positive thinking, affirmations, and turning your attention inward.

You are an exceptional person and you do not need to be validated for your healing gifts to make you feel more worthy. Your healing gifts are simply adding to the beauty of what is already inside you.


2. Set boundaries

As a healer, it is extremely important to set boundaries. This means that sometimes you will have to say no to people and events.

As a healer, the fact of saying no often comes with a lot of guilt, however, this is crucial if you want to be able to keep and respect your gifts.

Defining limits as a healer is often something more intuitive, and the more you start to trust your own inner voice and wisdom, the more effective your border setting will become.

However, if you are constantly under the impression of being used, or if you have trouble knowing your limits, take the time to be clear about what you are willing to accept, then stick to it that you can develop your own pace.


3. Be yourself and honor your donations

As a healer, you must understand that your gifts are powerful and that you must treat them with respect.

This consists of learning to love each other and to recognize your gifts or to be grateful for your innate talents.

While self-healing is always more difficult than healing others, it is certainly essential to improving your own gifts.

As a healer, you should also spend time every day emptying your own emotional baggage and fears to serve not only others but yourself.

In addition, as a healer, know that you have the right to rest, so rest and relax when you need it.


4. Learn to receive

When it comes to healing another, there must be an exchange. It does not always have to be financial, but there must always be some form of energy exchange, even if it is only pure energy and joy.

Too often, however, healers find themselves giving more and more, without receiving, because there is a stigma around this work that must be treated with compassion, without waiting for anything in return.

If you regularly heal others or have chosen to do so as a job, you must be comfortable with being able to receive back to get the flow of abundance and stop feeling exhausted.

What is important here is that you have to define your intention – why do you want to be a healer? Then, build from there what should be an appropriate exchange.

The good news about the disease of healers is that it is totally curable through conscientious action and awareness.

Healers are a gift to this world, and the more we can protect them from falling into this pattern, the better for everyone.

“I will never give up. I will never let myself down, treating myself like a doormat, or making myself tiny so that others can feel great. I learned that this is the greatest gift I can give myself, and to others as well … ”
~Anita Moorjani

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