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Known List Of Psychic Abilities And Signs – Have You Experienced Any?

Even though science has not yet validated psychic abilities in people, there is a list of psychic abilities that continue to be reported throughout our world. Having a list of psychic abilities and understanding how they work is essential if you are keen on learning the different types of extrasensory perceptions or acquiring your intuitive gifts.

The following list of psychic abilities can form overall categories of abilities. While different psychics say they have more than one, some psychics claim to have only one of the abilities.

List of psychic abilities for acquiring your intuitive gifts:



1. Astral projection:

Astral projection is the ability to bring your conscious awareness to a place outside of your physical body. It is also known by many as an out-of-body experience (OBE).

Experiencers of this psychic phenomenon report observing their own bodies on the operating table as medical professionals work to recover them. Some of the people who have experienced this wake up later and surprise the medical staff by describing the details to them.

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2. Aura reading:

Aura reading is the insight that allows a sensitive person to perceive a disturbance in the air surrounding a person, animal, or object.

Auras are explained differently by many people, while some refer to them only in scientific terms while others refer to auras in a spiritual term. Whether the spirit or electromagnetic radiation causes these disturbances, reading auras is a very common psychic ability.

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3. Automatic writing:

Automatic writing is a technique that many clairvoyants use to convey information into the spiritual world through their subconscious and on paper.

The theory of automatic writing is that the psychic’s hand is primarily controlled by an outside intelligence.

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4. Channeling:

In this case, the spiritual intelligence takes the vocal cords of the psychic; channeling is like automatic writing.

People who have this ability are called mediums; they serve as a vessel for communication to take place with the invisible entity.

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5. Clairvoyance:

Clairvoyance describes the ability of a psychic to determine visions of events, individuals, and realms that are distant or beyond the ordinary perceptual reach of the psychic.

This form of psychic ability is also known as remote viewing.



6. Clairaudience:

Clairaudience is a lot like clairvoyance, except that it centers on the power to hear things that are generally not audible for normal hearing.

This ability is not to hear the voices of spirits; rather, it is the ability to hear the voices of people who are far away from the psychic.



7. Clairsentience:

Clairsentience is only the recognition of a fact or information hidden from the psychic.

An example would be if the psychic met someone for the first time and knew their birthday or name, that would be clairsentience.



8. Animal telepathy:

Animal telepathy is a commonly known ability to talk with animals. Also known as pet psychics, these individuals are said to have a psychic connection with the thoughts and feelings of animals.

Many also consider that people who are good at training animals most likely have this telepathy without knowing it.

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9. Divination:

More generally known activities practiced by all commercial psychics such as fortune-telling are bound by divination. Divinity is fundamentally the psychic’s ability to predict the future.

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10. Dowsing:

Dowsing is an age-old profession that involves utilizing sticks or poles to find objects. It is a technique used for many decades to find water. Many people swear that it works, but few can explain why.



11. Intuition:

Intuition is the innate sense of knowing about events, thoughts, activities, or feelings of other people that are outside of the normal human ability to perceive them.

For example, someone with remarkable intuition might have a powerful sense that a person has a drinking problem despite the person showing no outward appearance of an alcoholic. Often an intuitive person has limited senses.



12. Levitation:

It’s a very rare ability to make your body levitate above the ground. Levitation is reported in several instances of demonic possession, but it is also reported in other spiritual instances, including that of Saint Teresa of Avila in the 16th century when many witnessed seeing her levitate while she meditated during mass.



13. Precognition:

With precognition, the psychic has the ability to predict the future. This type of future review involves getting special details about an event, as opposed to a visual “viewing” of the future.



14. Psychometry:

In psychometry, the psychic has the ability to perceive the energies of any object. This skill has been featured frequently in TV shows and movies in which a psychic touches an object and receives flashbacks about anyone who last touched it.



15. Pyrokinesis:

It is the ability to start a fire with the mind. This is a highly skilled form of psychokinesis. Just because a person has pyrokinetic skills doesn’t mean they have all the variants of psychokinesis.



16. Telekinesis:

Psychokinesis or telekinesis is one of the psychic powers most often represented in the media. This primarily relates to a psychic’s ability to affect or move objects.



17. Telepathy:

It is the ability to communicate with others only through mental thought.

Have you experienced any of these psychic abilities? Please let us know in the comments below.

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Nat

    Wouldn’t clairsentient be the ability to feel information, sensations in the body, or feeling the emotions of others, rather than knowing things about a person? That would be claircognizance, right?

  2. Linda-Marie

    Hmmm, good question. Nature over Nurture? Do you believe in re-encarnation?

  3. Thea

    I’ve experienced many of these. Your definitions are different than mine but/and I have different abilities come and go because i am not as active in the outside world right now – retired and covid reclusive. some of the experiences I have had include: I automatically enter people’s minds when I am intimately talking to them and have difficulty not doing this. My main sensitivity is through my hands due to 25 years of Reiki and many years of meditation. Sometimes but not always, I am able to touch something and know about the person, Sense their mind regarding the pain or place I am touching, See a past life or future relating to the injury or cell memory, See the inside of a person’s body (the black lungs from smoking, the light when someone directs it to the area of the brain, etc.), See the grey cloud attached to the pain or area, Sense the reason the pain is there, Understand if the person is ready to heal the problem causing the pain/trapped energy, Take it out if so, etc. etc. etc., Sense the message or talk to the person in the stone, crystal, stele, skull etc. when the Ka or information is put into that which I am touching, Sense the person who sat on the chair, their mind, their motivation, their past lives, as an example.
    But some of the abilities I am still active in are remote, such as Scrying, Practise remotely talking to random people (in this, I may or may not receive answers but know their answers/minds often anyway), Talking to/seeing devas, Long distance healing, Weather chat (I usually do not influence the weather but may talk to the sun or storm about it), Automatic writing (I call it channelling and mostly don’t speak out loud – though I have, I am not confident in this), Talking to ascended masters (and writing books with them), Cosmic travelling (with or without my crystal skull), Numerous experiences in other dimensions ranging from talking to/serving and visiting numerous fey, seeing parallel worlds, talking to or visiting beings of the future and past, going to the future of friends, talking to trees, water, the sun, cellos, the sink, animals, etc, travelling to imagination worlds only visited when entering the frequency of that world/imagination.
    I have experienced many of my own past lives, and some of my friends past lives with or without me. My intuition and guidance is above normal. I still have a terrible fear of failure and have trouble moving forward. My ability to distract myself is second to none and I find few people who can get past my defences which have been described as high barb-wired fences, swamps with alligators etc. etc. In short, I have still a long way to go. My main lesson in this life is to get myself out there, which I have been unable to do so far.

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