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7 Practical Tips for Experiencing the Astral Journey

Suppose a 7-year-old asks, “How does a computer work?” Even if everything is explained to him about semiconductors, architecture, operating systems, hardware and software, keyboard and hard drive mechanics, mouse and monitor bases, he would be unable to understand anything from the explanation that would be given to him.

The child will have to learn many things before he can fully understand the answer.

It is exactly like what happens in the astral and spiritual world. If we ask the wrong question it will not be possible to understand the answer. Usually, the answer will point to something else. We should first learn and be prepared to understand it, just like the example of the child mentioned above.

It is better to ask simple questions to make answers easier.

There seem to be several key issues that significantly influence the practice of telepathy and astral travel, which are:



1. Perfect health.

By freeing the resources of the mind from emergencies arising from the physical body, reaching full physical and mental detoxification it is possible to be freer and therefore having greater ease in the experience of astral travel.



2. The purity of intentions.

Full of forgiveness for our and others’ mistakes. People who have not yet forgiven, have less awareness and understanding, first of all towards themselves.

The question you have to ask is: “Can I blame a child who has not yet learned to walk?” This frees enormous resources from the mind that otherwise remain stuck in its disorder.




3. Vegan diet.

An important condition, which seems to free the resources of the mind and metabolism, etc.

Eat little, drink pure water. You need every resource from your mind. Metabolizing food takes a lot of conscious resources from the mind.





4. Meditation.

Learn to concentrate on good meditation exercises. Stay centered during and immediately after meditation. It alters periods of meditation with periods of concentration.

The most effective seems to be meditation and concentration between 3-5 in the morning each morning, followed by a controlled dream when you return to sleep. Ten minutes of yoga (+ breath control) before the above procedure also seems very useful. Self-discipline is the most difficult part.




5. Concentration during dreams.

The goal is to achieve full control of the dream. This is a very effective step to knowingly get out of the body.

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6. Matching of surrounding colors, with the colors of the aura.

This would seem to stimulate the senses and abilities, giving your mind more control over the body. If you think colors are unimportant, imagine eliminating them completely from your life.

Imagine painting your bedroom black, removing all the colored elements, imagine furniture and linen without color and now imagine how you would feel.




7. Recite a mantra.

When you lie down in bed after meditation, with your eyes closed, say this sentence like a mantra. “I am out of the body” or, “I go out of my body. The secret and continue to repeat it to arrive at the moment of sleep in full awareness and immediately afterward detach from the physical body. The important thing is that you are aware of it. The moment you exit the physical body, your requests must be extremely precise. The first thing to ask is clarity in seeing.

When you are out of the body, the view is not clear, so ask to see everything clearly, but ask for it specifically and clearly. Most of the time we see the physical body in the bed, or it may happen that we do not go out completely and remain in the middle. Don’t be afraid for this, make the request to go completely out of your physical body and this will happen.

Keep in mind that the moment you experience the emotion of fear, it immediately takes you back to your body. For this reason, there is no reason to assume that you will never return to your body. As long as we are alive, we are bound to our physical body and cannot under any circumstances leave ourselves permanently.




So, in summary, as soon as you are afraid you will immediately re-enter your physical body.

All the “knowledge” comes from the material world and most of the time it is seriously distorted or decidedly limited. Only your experience can really teach you. Don’t create useless expectations, every experience is different from the others, because the doctrine, the paradigm or the habit is different, rather than our knowledge. For example, a feeling of a surprise when you are in astral, different from the one you expect based on what you have learned in your physical body, can make you come back. Any thoughts bring you back to your body very quickly.

Always ask: “I want to know what is best for me and what I have to learn today.” Your higher self will choose the best lesson for you. Never forget to be grateful.

An ambiguous request can cause unpredictable situations. For example, asking to go back 15,000 years ago can take you to the moon or to a volcano, simply because you didn’t specify the exact location. On the other hand, the request to see a loved one (even if one does not know where one is or is no longer alive) is much more precise and is more likely to occur.

The discipline of thoughts is essential, even if it is a bit difficult. Exercise the discipline of thoughts so that it becomes the natural state of mind.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t remember the details of your astral journey when you return to the material world.

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Keep a diary or notebook near you and write down everything you remember immediately after you finish your journey. Again, discipline is needed, because when you are still “a dormant to” after the experience, the feeling is that you can remember everything without the need to write it. There is a risk instead of falling asleep and forgetting everything when you wake up. You could lose important information simply because you were lazy and didn’t write all the details. If you write the most details, you can consciously reconstruct the information later, when you need it.

Note: do not be disappointed if you do not experience astral travel every day. However, it is not uncommon to have one once a month. This happens even if you try every day.

Most likely you are not an ascetic isolated from the overwhelming materialistic reality or our so-called “civilization”.

Watching a violent movie, listening to bad news, or simply getting angry (for whatever reason) can have a profound negative effect on the initial conditions required for astral travel. Everything in the universe happens for a reason.

The most important thing is not only what you do, but the reason why you do it. The same goes for thoughts. Think about it. You must be absolutely honest with yourself. Purify the mind from the garbage. And don’t follow the flock.

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