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7 Signs that Someone from the Spirit World Is Trying to Contact You

If it would be easier to reject the concept of the realm of spirits, to believe only in the here and now, in the world we know, doing so would make us miss some of the best advice and guidance we regularly receive in general. Learn to recognize the signs with which the spirit world is trying to guide you and protect you.

Hollywood has created a misconception that all the spirits who visit our world are bad and come back to haunt and hurt us. The truth, however, is that many of these entities visit us for the very opposite reason.

Whether it is a loved one who is dead and dedicated to protecting us or a spiritual guardian who is taking care of us and guiding us in life, these spiritual beings are there to help us stay safe and succeed in life. Unfortunately, because of our lack of knowledge, their messages are often missed or ignored.

Here are 7 often forgotten signs that the spirit world is trying to contact you:



1. The animals in your house start to act in a strange way.

The animal kingdom is much more in tune with the energy associated with the realm of spirits than we are. For this reason, they are able to feel that a spiritual guide is near when we are still completely unaware.

Be careful if you notice that your dog is barking or moaning in response to what seems to be nothing, or that your cat suddenly starts to run around the room, overjoyed, for no reason.

Also, pay attention to your pet’s reaction. A dog wagging his tail and being excited may mean that the spirits announce positive things, while the same dog that curls up with his tail between his legs could make a more disturbing sense.




2. Your electronics are starting to work or malfunctioning.

The beings of the spirit world possess incredibly high vibratory energy. Although you may not be able to feel this energy direction, the electronic devices you own probably do.

Examples include radios and TVs that change channels/stations, batteries that suddenly discharge their charge, unable to send or receive messages from your phone, and so on.

Although this is often an unintentional disruption of the mind, simply because of their presence, it can also be a specific message. Be careful if you notice that something is happening repeatedly or if there is some familiarity, such as a specific song on the radio.




3. The temperature in the room changes suddenly.

There are many explanations for changes in the ambient temperature, such as the start of heat or air conditioning or the drafts of an old house. If, however, you notice that this temperature changes suddenly and without logical explanation, it may be more serious.

The change in temperature can be a message in itself, like a sudden flash of heat to warn you that you are about to do something that will have serious consequences. If you notice a change in temperature and you are unsure, ask for another sign from the spirit world.

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4. The lights start to flicker suddenly.

Just like the impact we see on electronics, spirits also have the ability to influence the lights of our home. This is a fairly well-known sign because it is often referenced in movies and TV shows in relation to the presence of a ghost or entity.

There may be a logical explanation, such as an old bulb that is blowing legitimately because that moment has come, or a wiring problem in your home. However, it can also be an attempt of the spiritual realm to catch your attention.




5. You notice shadows or flickers of light in the corner of your eyes.

While we often do not see those in the spirit world appear fully before us, as we see in Hollywood, you would be surprised at how often you can actually “see” them in our world.

This is often in the form of a flash of light, a sparkling sensation, a globe of light moving in a room or shadows in the corner of your eyes. Often you will notice that something is there, but when you look, you can not find anything.




6. Special smells or scents catch your attention.

Have you noticed that you smell the same perfume repeatedly without obvious explanation, like a scent of fresh flowers inside and nowhere near a door or window? It can be an attempt by the spirit world to get your attention.

Familiar spirits, like the souls of those we love, can also use familiar scents to tell you they’re close, like your grandmother’s favorite scent. Pay attention to when these smells appear. If your deceased father’s scent visits you every time you’re in the office late, you may be warned that you have to stop working so much overtime and rethink your priorities in life.

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7. You notice that the sequence of numbers appears everywhere in your life.

Sometimes called ‘Master Numbers’ or ‘Numbers of Angels’, the importance of repeated numbers must never be missed.



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