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These Children Were Taught to Open their Third Eye and Read with Blindfolded Eyes

If you still do not believe in psychic abilities, then you have to watch the video below.

For many of us, there is no doubt that we all have abilities that some would consider “paranormal” or psychic, even if this is really only a form of innate understanding with which we are all born. These children are all part of a small alternative school in Essex County. In this school, classes are mainly taught blindfolded to teach them how to activate their third eye and see through their headbands.

These kids are able to do just about anything while having their eyes completely bandaged. They are able to read books, play games, draw pictures identical to those placed near them by the interviewer, and do much more phenomenal things than that.




A young girl with great potential:

Lucy, one of the girls interviewed in this video, seems to have more psychic ability than others. Although the interviewer draws different pictures while blindfolded, she is able to say exactly what he draws before he turns the paper in front of her.

She can literally see through her bandages and even through the paper through her third eye. This is proof of the incredible potential of man.

But the difficulty lies clearly in the fact that many people have a tendency to discredit this method, as well as videos and similar studies. Many people will claim that they are able to see through the headbands, even if the transparency of the headbands would have been checked by the members of the film crew.

Many people will even assume that the entire interview would have been staged and that all these people are actors. But what would be the purpose, especially when the examples are innumerable?

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As the veil rises, and we can collectively understand that there is a much deeper reality than it seems, these types of phenomena will become commonplace. The teacher who runs this program says that the best time to teach children these skills is between the ages of 6 and 12 years old.

This is because the emotional body reactions of children are still existing; logic and critical thinking are not yet the methods employed in their way of perceiving reality. They are particularly in harmony with themselves and have not yet been formatted by society to conform to “normality”.

It is quite possible for anyone to learn this, but it is always easier to learn between 6 and 12 years old. For example, if a person has been strongly influenced to believe that psychic ability is a lie, he will probably never be able to unlock the powers of his third eye.

We must grasp the fundamental concept that seeing is not believing, believing allows us to see. Children have no difficulty with ‘believing’ because they live primarily in their imagination and that’s why it’s so easy for them to tap into those hidden abilities we all hold.

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