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8 Signs that You may Have Innate Psychic Abilities

Often we hear of people talking about how they’ve been gifted for as long as they can remember, but if it hasn’t happened to you, does that mean you don’t have psychic abilities? The answer is no.

Psychic or psi abilities can develop at any stage of life. Sometimes they are triggered by events or trauma, or by life changes, such as puberty or menopause.

But how do you know if you have innate psychic abilities? Below are 8 examples of ways to identify if you have abilities that can be developed:



1. You think about someone and run into them later:

Usually, it’s someone you haven’t seen in years. Another example is that you are ordering something that takes weeks to arrive.

One day you think, “I wonder where this item is?” And it is delivered that day. If it happens once, you might consider it a coincidence, but for some of us, it happens often.




2. You experience the telephone telepathy:

You think of someone and the phone rings and it is them or just an SMS comes from them.

Or the phone rings and you know who’s calling before you even pick up the phone.




3. A specific thought that comes to mind turns out to have a meaning:

8 Signs that You may Have Innate Psychic Abilities

An example that happened to me is that my attention was focused on a specific part of my car, in this case, the motorized radio antenna, something I would not usually notice at all.

Then, a week later, it stopped working and had to be repaired. It is a fleeting thought that you shrug your shoulders until it is later revealed that there was a reason why your thoughts were focused there.

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4. You meet someone and sense they are having a tough time on the spot:

Empaths often sense the feelings or state of mind of others – if you can do it, you certainly have an innate ability.

You connect very quickly with people’s emotions or feelings, even those you have never met before.

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5. You feel a loved one is around you:

You could feel their presence, smell your mother’s scent, or just feel comforted and loved.

Just thinking about them can often trigger this sense, which is an indicator of mediumistic abilities.

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6. You are sensitive to energy:

When you enter a room full of people, you feel around you the mixture of a happy, sad, nervous or excited energy. Some people may feel like they are in your “personal space” more than others, even if they are further away.

Or you can feel the electric charge between two people who are “hitting it off” at a party.




7. Crows and/or noise start to bother you:

Suddenly, the sounds seem louder – you always turn down the TV or the volume on your phone.

In an overcrowded place, you feel people close in on you or you feel you cannot breathe and have to move to a more open place to catch your breath.




8. Your dreams start becoming more vivid or symbolic and you suddenly remember them:

8 Signs that You may Have Innate Psychic Abilities

Dreams are our window to other dimensions. Vivid dreams or those charged with symbolic meaning are one way to connect. If you are dreaming of objects and places that are not normally found in your life, this is an important clue that you are developing your abilities.

For example, dreaming of a giant silver bat, a white wolf or a crystal temple may indicate an awakening of your psychic abilities. Start a dream journal and explore the meaning of these symbols – you might be surprised by the messages they contain!

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Once you have identified that even one of these experiences is going on for you, you can start working on improving this ability using fun ways to practice it!

Do you experience any (or all) of these? Have you practiced and tried to expand your abilities? Let us know in the comment section below!

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