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7 Steps to Creating and Maintaining Spiritual Connections From a Distance

A human is basically a spiritual being. That is to say, part of his being and his soul are divine. Like it or not, this connection is real.

Long before the invention of smartphones and social networks, we found other ways to connect with our friends and loved ones. And we did not do it by traditional mail or with the messenger birds.

This connection is better known as the Spiritual Connection. And this connection still exists today. Two people who are really close, find a way to stay in touch even if they are separated by a long distance or technology.

For example, someone may have missed you and the second after, you receive a message from that person.

It turns out that you can strengthen this connection and send more than just short messages to your loved ones. You can even have great conversations with them.

Here are 7 steps to creating and maintaining spiritual connections from a distance:



1. Find a quiet place and get comfortable.


2. First, take a deep breath. Start with a minimum of 10 breaths.


3. Now, try to form an image of the person you want to contact. The more precise you are in your description, the more precise your connection with the person will be. You can try to focus on its physical characteristics for more precision.


4. Before connecting with a person, you must ask permission. Tell him that you have good intentions and wait until he/she gives you permission.


5. Then focus on your inner feelings. If you feel negative feelings or obstacles, it indicates that he/she is not ready to contact you. Do not force that person. You can retry your luck later.


6. But if you experience positive feelings, it means that the other person is allowing you to get in touch with them.


7. Now that the connection is open, you can easily communicate with the person in your thoughts. When you are done, you can end the session with the courtesy formula you prefer.

Try to connect only with people with whom you are on good terms in real life before trying to reach their higher self.

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