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What is a Soul Call , and How Can You Answer it?

What is a soul call? You feel that you fall in love. It may even be that you do not really like this person, but you just want to know everything about this person.

And above all, you just want to be there for him/her. Once you have helped her, you suddenly become selfless and you do not really understand why. If that happened to you, then you may have experienced a soul call.



So, what is a soul call?

A soul call is a call for help from one person to another at the soul level. The levels of the soul can be described as the upper part of our being and are usually accessible through prayer or by asking the universe, the divine, or by your faith.

Those who respond to such calls tend to be extremely sensitive people, healers, empaths, or people who want to help society. When answering a soul call, especially for the first time, you may experience the following emotions:



A feeling of falling in love with someone:

– You can become obsessed with this person. You can not get them out of your head, whatever you do.

– You want to send them a message, even if it seems insane.

– You may feel that you are there to provide support or comfort.

– You may not like this person on a mental, emotional or physical level.

– You may hear or feel thoughts that are not yours telling you to offer help in one way or another.



How can I tell the difference between love and a soul call?

The definition of love has always been debated. Personally, love gives us a feeling of fullness. It’s not a desire to save someone or to get something.

Love is being in harmony with the other and the other is in harmony with you. It is the acceptance of the other, with all their faults. There is a flow with love. It’s a connection at all levels.

On the other hand, the soul’s call normally comes with a sense of compassion and need, often an overwhelming desire to help the other. There is usually a feeling of sympathy and a need to want to improve the other’s life, or an obsessive feeling of having to be in one’s life in one way or another.



It is recommended to use your feelings and ask yourself if you are experiencing a soul call?

If you feel good, it is quite possible that the answer is “yes”.



Okay, I think I’m experiencing a soul call. What do I do now?

Your first soul call can be embarrassing. Often you will not manage it.

You must decide to accept it. Then you can simply say the message you have to convey. The other might think you’re crazy because you say exactly what they want to hear.

However, not all soul calls are messages. Some help an individual with some emotional disorder. Generally speaking, when someone is called, it is because they have the tools and capacities to provide a solution.



Pitfalls to avoid:

A misunderstood soul call can have unintended consequences. For example, when it is confused with love, you could enter into a relationship or even get married.

Once the call is over, it is quite normal that the feelings associated with the call also disappear. So the love and attraction you feel will not be there, and you could be tied to someone you do not want to be with.

It is difficult to understand why such a feeling is no longer there. You may find it difficult to regain these feelings, or worse, you will pretend to always feel the same way.

It should also be noted that sometimes the person you help may become obsessed with you. Because you have helped her, she will want more of what you have to offer or may even want your energy.



Test the soul’s calls:

Sometimes the caller is not ready for help. You can get a break when you offer it, but you will find that the brake will disappear when you offer help.

You can not do anything more. It could be a matter of synchronization.

Sometimes people need several attempts before they can do the best for themselves. So, continue to listen to your feelings. If they change, it means that something in the equation has also changed.



When a soul call goes both ways:

In a soul call, it’s not just about helping the other. It can work both ways.

You can give the other what they need, but they can also bring you what you need. Such calls are a blessing and both parties can really grow.



What you learn by answering a soul call:

Generally, what you gain is an experience. The more you are able to answer a call, the more effective you are in answering and resolving those calls.

This will allow you to grow as a person, and people will seek you for your help, your knowledge.



Last reflection:

The soul calls are more frequent than you think. Understanding this can put you in a new perspective.

It is even possible to have several soul calls at the same time. If you have one, welcome them, but do not become a slave.

Some may last for a long time, and some may last for years, so be prepared to move on when it’s time or accept new chapters when they show up. Soul calls are a blessing for all and a way to help heal this world.

Have you received a soul call? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Lukas Mikulic

    Hi, hope u all well, if not make it..
    Yes I did experience my first soulcall week ago, i was falling deeply didn’t understand, I must knew everything about her, I did big research(cos I’m Scorpio and new moon an she cancer) all week was just her on my mind and then I told her cos I cannot control of properly, of course I make myself awkward… And now just few hours after I sign to ur group look explanation ♏?


    For starters I just love reading the spiritual messages and they always feel like they were meant for me after reading this message I really think I recently answered a SOUL CALL I met someone in such a weird way Ive been questioning myself ever since now and this reading is for sure a confirmation it started as a vivid dream in it I was with a woman so suddenly I woke up cause it felt too real usually I would leave my home around 8 30 or 9 to begin my work day that morning something told me no just stay a little longer I listened it was 10:40 when that same voice said ok now you can head out the moment I got in my car from the driveway to the main road I saw this girl with a red dress on and all of the sudden I couldn’t resist I wanted to talk to her I waited for at least 15 minutes to get her attention finally I pulled over got out the car I went to her she was walking I offered her a ride she resisted for a bit but few minutes later she said ok after dropping her off she took my number from that very moment It felt like I was already in love with her first if I wasn’t answering a soul call there’s no way I would try so hard to help her second a few days later she told me she’s been going through so much if she didn’t meet me she’d be dead by now she’s been contemplating suicide since I started showing her love and making her feel special now she feel alive again quote on quote she also has a 3 year old and that little girl couldn’t wait to start calling me daddy she’s so sweet and pretty and the funny part is that I read the blog about the number 1111 and 111 witch not a day goes by I don’t see these numbers in that exact fashion so what I’m saying is keep doing what you guys are doing its beautiful and truly intuitive highly recommend cause we all need a little guidance sometimes much love guys.

    1. Spirit

      Hey Jacquecin, thank you for sharing your beautiful story 🙂

  3. Ginga Fairbairn

    I’ve been on a Soul call for the past year or so. It has been incredibly emotional as well as rewarding.
    Soul contract came to mind during this time.
    I believe we have the choice as to how long this can last because we Feel it inside. The completion leaves us feeling we did the best we could and the recipient has been helped. Do we know when it’s time to move forward?

  4. Saba

    Yes, small soul calls throughout my life. I just didn’t know they had a name.

    unfortunately two big mutual soul calls did not go well. Both with powerful people, but not very spiritually aware. One took advantage of my help and cast me away when he got what he wanted.

    The other, it is even more confusing and I can’t gointo it here, but they played games. It was really intense call and they baited me, but then entrapped me and tried to destroy my life.

    You need to be highly discerning with soul calls. Thank you for your article and giving it a name for me and providing excellent insight.

  5. Saba

    Be careful you are not dealing with a Narcissist. Sadly, something intending to be positive can go sideways with the some people.

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