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8 Signs that May Indicate that You Are Experiencing Intense Spiritual Awakening

From a general point of view, spiritual awakening can be a little confusing, it can mean different things to each person, but when you experience enlightenment, everything starts to make sense.

For those who do not know what awakening is, it is the act of being awake or conscious. Awakening is often accompanied by deep understanding and compassion.

The explanations of enlightenment are different according to tradition. In Buddhism, it is generally perceived as an awakening to the absolute truth, which frees the waking individual from the cycle of reincarnation.

In Hinduism, enlightenment is a divine and transcendent experience. It can sometimes be portrayed as an unexpected and transformative moment of awakening, and at other times it is perceived as a more progressive process of releasing the bond of the mind.

Discover some signs that may indicate that you or a loved one might experience this kind of awakening or transition in life:



1. You no longer feel anxious and you feel at peace.

Now that you are in tune with the universe, you no longer feel any fear. Everything seems quieter and you can now take the time to relax.




2. You are living many things now and do not feel any fear.

You have had many fears in the past, but now, nothing scares you. You have done all the work around you and now you know how short life can be.




3. You are no longer wearing a mask.

8 Signs that May Indicate that You Are Experiencing Intense Spiritual Awakening

Now that you are more and more awake, you begin to see clearly the mask you were wearing. From there, you start dropping it, and it’s a lot easier than you thought.

Without this mask, you can more easily become your best version.

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4. You have begun to question everything and accept the fact that there are not always answers.

Sometimes we do not find the answers we are looking for and that’s perfectly normal. 

We do not always get what we want from life and even when we think we are at the top of our own “world”, things can collapse in an instant.




5. You do not let the opinion of others define who you are.

What others say about you or try to make you believe no longer has a place in your life. You have established certain limits in your life and do not let anyone go past them.

While these relationships may not necessarily disappear, they may play a role in your evolution and progression.




6. Your intuition guides you more than in the past.

8 Signs that May Indicate that You Are Experiencing Intense Spiritual Awakening

The intuition that guides you now is directly related to the energies of the world. The more you work with these energies, the more powerful they become.




7. You strive to bring together the people who matter most to you.

You are very kind and caring, you would like those who matter most to love you too. It is not easy and often it ends badly, but for some reason, we are all trying to bring them together.

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8. You feel particularly attracted to nature.

You feel the irresistible urge to spend time in nature, whether in the forest, in a park or at the edge of a lake. 

You want to spend as much time outside as possible to contemplate the nature around you.

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    I can check 8 out of 8. Love when this synchronicity happens; how I feel draws into my experience things to reinforce and nurture these feelings. Wishing everyone spiritual health and abundance

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