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14 Tips to Help You Connect with Your Spiritual Guides

Spiritual guides are beings of light that are truly part of the spirit world and our spiritual growth. They exist in one way or another to help our path of spiritual life. Whether we recognize them or not, they exist.

Carefully chosen and recruited for you, spiritual guides are beings wholly devoted to your growth. Many have had lives here on Earth and just like you, they have their own eclectic lot of gifts, wisdom, and experiences. Their only job is to support and guide you as much as you want.

Here are 14 ways to help you connect with your spiritual guides:


1. Be open.

Try not to expect your Spiritual Guides to “show up” in a certain way. Follow the flow. If you expect them to come to you only in dreams, for example, you could miss a lot of signs during the day.



2. Call all the spiritual guides you want.

We have the main guide who stays with us for life, as well as other guides who come and go. In addition, you can also call specific guides whenever you want!



3. Create a sacred space for the connection.

Choose a place where you can spend time with your spiritual guides: a comfortable chair, a yoga mat or a bench in the park.

You can connect with them anywhere, but it’s helpful to have a special place when you’re starting out. Why? Because you “train” to relax, which facilitates the connection.

Talk with them when you are in your space.



4. Invite them.

Your spiritual team is always there to support you, but why not invite them into your life and make this official? Simply define the intention that you want them to be part of your life.

When you need advice, ask them for help. Then watch for the signs, or write down how you feel.



5. Meet them in dreams.

We are more open to the spirit world during sleep than at any other time. Tonight, before going to sleep, ask your spiritual guides to connect with you in your dreams, trust them, they will do it. Ask for their advice on a specific problem. Should I start this new business? Back to school? Paint my wardrobe in red? Easy.

You may not consciously remember a dream, but you can wake up with an inspired idea. Inspirational ideas are spiritual orientations.

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6. Keep a diary for them.

What problem are you dealing with right now? Write the question on a piece of paper. Now, set the intention that your spiritual guides will guide you through inspired writing.

Take your pen, set your mind free, and write. Do not pay attention to grammar or spelling.

You can get a detailed solution or a “starting point”.



7. Ask for signs.

I know it can be difficult to trust your spiritual guides, especially when you are a beginner. Moreover, they are invisible, so it does not help.

It is for this reason that it is useful to ask for signs. The signs help to build trust. The signs can come in dozens of different ways:

In a song, an article on the internet, or the next words that your best friend addresses to you.

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8. Do a meditation “meeting with your Spiritual Guide”.

Relax, put on a relaxing music and imagine meeting your guides in a beautiful field. Who are they? What are they like? What are their names? Do they like chocolate?



9. Meet your guides in nature.

Some people meditate. It’s good. If meditation is not your thing, go out into nature instead. Go and smell the flowers. Take a walk. Sit in the park. Print mandalas and color them. While relaxing, mentally discuss with your guides.



10. Call them when driving or looking for a lost item.

Lost your car keys? You can not find your way? Ask your spiritual guide to help you.



11. Read books about connecting with spiritual guides.

You will find many choices on the internet.



12. Listen to your intuition.

Have you ever felt that something was wrong? Sometimes it’s so strong that it’s almost a physical sensation in your stomach.

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13. Create with them.

I believe that creativity is as important to our soul as exercise is to our body. It’s also one of the best and most fun ways to get in touch with our Spiritual Guides and our Higher Self!

When we become creative, we let go of our inhibitions. We feel inspired and playful and follow our heart. Moreover, it makes us happy, which increases our vibration. And since the Spirit has a high vibratory frequency, increasing our vibration makes it easier to connect with them.

So go ahead and spend time drawing, painting, singing, knitting, woodworking or anything creative.



14. Do a Q&A reading for yourself.

Sit where you will not be disturbed for 10-15 minutes. Relax. Call your spiritual guides. Do not worry if you do not know their names. Just imagine their energy coming closer.

Ask them a question that begins with “Why” or “Should”. For example, Why am I afraid of __________? Why am I having trouble deciding on ___________? Should I ____________?

Listen to the answers. They can just “jump” into your head, or you can get a vision, or have a sensation.

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