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9 Practical Tips for Keeping Your Home in Order

I do not know about you, but when I’m in a bad mood, the mess in the house has no other effect than to make my state of mind worse.

For example, if I go home tired and nervous I feel a subtle pleasure in throwing the jacket on the chair or on the sofa and leaving it there, without bothering to hang it in the closet, but when I later find myself the jacket where I would sit down and relax, then my bad mood does nothing but get worse.

The disorder and chaos, in short, make me feel worse. (Not to mention the annoyance that my behavior can give to others).

On the contrary, an orderly and serene environment is able to transmit tranquility and significantly improve my mood. External order leads to inner calm. So even when I feel depressed, tired or nervous, I strive to keep the surrounding environment tidy to help raise my state of mind.

Here are nine quick and simple tips to keep your home tidy. Your mood will also benefit!

1. Make up the bed.

2. Put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

3. Hang the towels.

4. Do not leave magazines and newspapers around.

5. After taking what you need, close all drawers, closet doors, and house doors.

6. When you get the mail from the mailbox, open it immediately, throw in the trash and put in a drawer the correspondence you need to keep.

7. Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher or in the sink.

8. Recycle what you use. When you’re about to throw something, think about whether you can reuse it for other purposes. Make separate collection.

9. Always keep an envelope or a bag to store things that you no longer use. You can give them to a friend or those who need them.

Did I forget something? Are there any other tips you want to share?

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