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9 Signs from Your Intuition that You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Love at first glance, is actually real. According to relationship psychologists, if you and your partner are in regular contact, you can really tell if they are your soul mate in the first 6 months of your meeting, often much earlier.

These 9 signs are what love experts say are the most common ways to find out if you’ve found the right one for you.



1. Everything comes easy:

We have all been told that love hurts and that couples have to fight constantly to stay in love. Although love is not always easy, you should feel like you are living your best life with them.

They know everything about you and want to see you shine. They don’t play games with you and don’t try to keep scores in the relationship. Things feel good and almost effortless.




2. Since the beginning, you’ve been honest:

Relationships are always built with a solid foundation. You cannot have a successful partnership with someone who is constantly making waves when you catch them lying.

When you are honest with each other, it shows that you have deep mutual respect.




3. You have no doubts:

Perhaps other partners have made you feel insecure or unworthy. In this relationship, you are confident and dynamic. You can count on your partner to treat you as you deserve.

We all bring baggage to our new relationships. You and your partner should feel comfortable discussing your past failures in love so that you can learn to avoid these mistakes together and grow as a team.




4. You never loved yourself this much:

Your self-esteem should never be determined by a partner, but you can’t help but feel amazing all the time thanks to their affection.

They love your body and mind so much that you can’t help but recognize how smart and beautiful you are.




5. Both of you want to be together:

You will both make sacrifices, big and small, just to spend more time together. Maybe you will always plan to have lunch together during your breaks or you will move around your schedule to have a good time with them.

You both give as much as you receive to make you feel desired.

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6. You are not closed off:

It is easy to cancel love after a series of horrible dates, but entering a new relationship with an expectation of failure will only prepare you for grief.

If you are both open to love and have not laid a wall from the start, then this is truly a wonderful sign for your future.




7. You are best friends:

Your lover must also be your best friend. If you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone, then they should make you laugh, hold you when you cry, and let you vent when you are stressed.

You and your partner should not feel that a subject is prohibited.




8. Both of you plan ahead:

If you plan vacation months in advance and talk about wanting children in the future, your relationship is strong. When you both imagine where you will be in a few years, if your partner is in your fantasy, then that is true love.

You and your partner have already discussed your aspirations and you both share similar goals. You are on the same path, and there is no one else that you prefer to hold hands with.




9. Your partner nurtures you:

Your partner sees your best qualities and always tries to get them out of you. They also recognize areas where you could improve and try to help you grow as well as possible.

This does not mean that they should ask you to radically change your appearance for their own selfish desires. If they know you are making changes in your life, they are doing everything they can to make sure you are the best you can be.

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