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How Souls Choose Friends And Families They Want To Reincarnate With

Years before the birth of my little girl, I dreamed that I had a daughter. She came up to me and hugged me, told me that I was her mother, and told me her name was Evelyn.

This dream imprinted in my memory and my heart. So much so that when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I was carrying a girl, and she had already told me her name: Evelyn, a desired meaning for children, which could not be truer!

In order to evolve, our souls come to Earth more than once. I know that as I grew and changed and learned soul contracts and reincarnation, my thoughts and beliefs gravitated around this notion.

For those of you who are on the verge of reincarnation, I invite you to explore the idea that a soul is born into a (different) body for many lives.


I believe that once a soul has made the decision to have (another) earthly incarnation, the first step is to decide the type of life it wishes.

It depends on the lessons they wish to learn. This involves being paired with a parent or set of parents. This process really depends on the purpose of the soul and the desire for specific lessons and lifestyle.

For example, if two souls had already been together before, perhaps as a mother-daughter together, then they might wish to relive that experience or perhaps relive it backward so that the daughter becomes the mother in the new life. Sometimes the soul wishes to incarnate in a particular part of the world, and the choice will be less specific to the individual parent. As diverse as people are, so are our souls and what we want to create and experience in our lifetime.

Once this connection is established with a potential parent, the soul then creates a connection with this person and is present around his energy, waiting to be born at the right time. When I do intuitive readings for clients, I often see the souls of their unborn children waiting for them. I can usually tell if the child is a boy or a girl, and can also get a sense of what they are expected to live together during this lifetime.

The Spirit Babies book: How to Communicate with the Child You’re Supposed to Be is a collection of stories from an intuitive gentleman who has spent decades connecting parents with their unborn children. When I read, I cannot guarantee that I will collect information about potential unborn children, but more often than not, I “see” it if they are with you and will join your family in the future.

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Of course, parents also have a significant influence on the soul that joins their family through conception.

Our daily thoughts, desires, and goals create a beacon for souls who respond to these energies. This is especially true for the mother. According to Edgar Cayce’s readings, a woman’s daily activities and inner thoughts during the gestation period create a field much like a magnet would, drawing souls into the field of opportunity life as her child would offer.

As for families with more than one child, souls also enter into contracts/agreements with potential siblings. The energy field and the desire of the mother and the souls who want to incarnate combine to decide who is born first.

I like to imagine my sisters and I floating in the ether on the “other side”, I decide to go first, and I in my oldest child’s splendor and glory pushed through and said: “J has it first, of course! “In the case of a miscarriage, I noticed that a particular soul often comes in during a later pregnancy if the opportunity arises. I also saw a case where a miscarriage of a woman was born in the family of her best friend.



I’ve done readings for folks who have shared a myriad of past lives with the same soul groups, all taking turns being siblings, parents, and children.

One thing I’m certain after doing hundreds of readings is: We certainly do choose our family members, the location we will incarnate, and the different life events that will take place. It is empowering and so very touching for me to know my family members and I chose each other.

I feel especially honored that my daughter chose me. What a gift she has given me in this lifetime. Do you believe souls choose our parents? Do you have any stories of children (or you) remembering past lives and connections in them?

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